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Kathryn Narcisi Is Illegally Selling “Anti-Skin Cancer” Ointment, National Media Weighs In On Her Lawsuit Against Turtleboy


An update on our friend Kathryn Narcisi, AKA Failure Swift. She’s doing what she always does – selling a bunch of products nobody wants on Facebook.

But this time there’s a twist – she claims to be selling products that are “anti-skin cancer.”

“Our line is created to be anti-skin cancer.”

Not sure exactly what this means, but it seems to imply that it either prevents cancer or cures it. This is actually a very big deal. The FDA aggressively pursues action against companies that claim to sell products that can cure or slow the spread of cancer. They threaten criminal prosecution against those who don’t comply.

The warning letters tell the companies to change or remove the fraudulent claims on their websites. If they don’t, the FDA says it may take legal action that could include the seizing of products and criminal prosecution.

Feel free to report her to the FDA by clicking here

This woman’s life is one non-stop scam after another. Her “anti skin cancer” ointments are about as real as her close person friendships with Zac Effron and Miley Cyrus, and her modeling company.

And from the looks of it Metro isn’t the first husband to act as her loyal watchdog on social media. Look at one of her many ex-husbands Michael Leandro did for her in 2012 when someone voiced skepticism about her alleged fame.

It’s like a requirement to be married to her is to blindly humiliate yourself on social media in defense of her. I don’t know how she does this to men, but she’s a habitual liar and attention seeking drama queen.

She posted some videos yesterday that I have seen but can’t upload at this moment, alleging that we are hacking into her security system, and claiming that her youngest daughter has written a letter (that she hasn’t published yet) to the Judge about how she fears for her life because of the blogs about her mother. The child allegedly wrote this letter during “home school,” which seems to consist of Kathryn posting on Facebook. I’m sure the child didn’t actually write that, as Kathryn writes their Facebook posts for them as well, and shouldn’t be reading Turtleboy anyway. Meanwhile Kathryn has posted that people are threatening to “brutally rape” her without providing any evidence, and says she’s worried that they’ll come after her daughters too, therefore the blogs must come down.

This story has caught on quick in legal circles and has been written about on Reason Magazine and Tech Crunch since the ACLU came on board. The more I think about this, and read what these legal websites have to say, the more I realize what a gross miscarriage of justice this has been since the beginning. For starters, they used CAPS LOCK to file the complaint, which is just mind boggling in and of itself.

Then there’s the fact that the attorney who took her money, Christopher Millea, is an elected State Representative in Rhode Island who has been held in contempt of court twice. This man graduated from law school. He knows what libel looks like, and he knows there was no case here. Yet he took money from a woman who is clearly not mentally well. That is so unethical that it’s mind boggling. After being fired by her he hasn’t offered any sort of apology to me for what he’s done, and seems to think that he did nothing wrong. The fact that this man is allowed to practice law in Rhode Island while also writing and voting on those laws in Providence is a disgrace.

When this is done I plan to file a complaint against him with the bar. Anyone who hires him in the future should be warned about the kind of person they are dealing with.

Then there’s the Judge Susan McGuirl. Tech Dirt criticized her for issuing a temporary restraining order against my company to remove content from my website without even notifying me of a hearing date.

All of this could have been avoided if the court had simply allowed Kearney to submit something in his defense — or at least notified him and let him attend a hearing on the restraining order request. But the court didn’t. It also didn’t happen to notice Kearney resides in Massachusetts — not Rhode Island — so the court is a bit out of its jurisdiction. Still, attempted prior restraint is a bad look for judges who are supposed to stay within Constitutional boundaries when issuing orders.

This is a blatant First Amendment violation, and had she not done this I might not be receiving assistance from the ACLU, so I thank her for being so unfamiliar with the Constitution. The fact that she didn’t know that her court had no jurisdiction in this matter, and that the government cannot force a media outlet to remove legally protected speech, is quite frankly scary. I fear for anyone who has to step foot in her courtroom and think they will be dealt with fairly.

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