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Katie Hill Is Throwing Herself A Retweet Pity Party After Resigning Because Her Own Party Made Her Due To Nude Pictures Being Released


On Friday the award winning Turtleboy Sports blog published salacious photographs of California freshman US Representative Katie Hill, showing her combing a 21 year old campaign worker/scissor sister’s hair, and another one taking bong rips a la mode. Then on On Sunday Hill announced she was resigning.

The entire #MeToo movement revolved around the idea that people in positions of power can’t have sex with their subordinates because their subordinates cannot consent with someone who holds power over them and pays their salary. She got off pretty easy, considering what a man would’ve been put through if a picture of them combing an attractive female employee’s hair while naked had been made public.

Yesterday I noticed that we were getting a lot of traffic on the Katie Hill blog from Friday from all across the country. When I saw what people were Googling before coming to our two websites it made a little more sense. TB Daily News:

Turtleboy Sports:

People really wanted to see those noodz.

In all honestly, it was a big let down. She’s actually got a very attractive face.

But when she takes her clothes off she turns into two face Elaine Benes. Click here to see the pictures on Turtleboy.

Some right wing sites have alleged that the tattoo above her fun box is a Nazi symbol, but I find it hard to believe that this California basic Becky is in fact an ardent supporter of the Third Reich. But I’m personally of the belief that we should avoid calling everyone we disagree with a Nazi because it hurts our credibility. Many on the left should consider doing the same when Donald Trump does something they disagree with.

Because of the fact that Hill is both a woman and a member of the BLT-123 community, she didn’t have to resign. Had a bunch of high profile democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi and AOC, run to her defense, she could’ve stayed in the seat. They do that every time Ilhan Omar says something anti-semitic about the Jews or 911. But the fact of the matter is that Katie Hill won with just 52% of the vote in a district that has traditionally gone Republican. The democrats can’t afford to lose that in 2020 so she had to go. I have no doubt that Nancy Pelosi’s people pulled Hill’s people aside and made it explicitly clear that she had to resign for the good of the party. They probably gave her someone to call for a job on the way out to thank her for going quietly too.

You can tell that Katie Hill is extremely salty and thinks she did nothing wrong based on the her recent activity on Twitter. As you can see, it’s an embarrassing stream of retweets of articles that portray her as some sort of victim of the patriarchy.

Retweeting people who cry for you on your behalf is such a passive-aggressive douchey move.

No one made her resign. She chose to do this because she didn’t want to cross party leadership. She also chose to take these pictures and chose to run for congress knowing they were all out there. If you have any skeletons in your closet that you don’t want coming out then you should probably avoid running for Congress. Just sayin.

To be clear, her husband is obviously a chud too. With her consent he was posting pictures of her on several “bang my wife” websites. Those aren’t bad websites as long as it’s not your wife being featured. But I can’t think of anything more emasculating than putting naked pictures of your wife online so that other men can pleasure themselves to her. The fact of the matter is that there is no room in that party for a 32 year old white woman on a bang my wife website.

The bottom line is that Katie Hill is a massive hypocrite because she ran on a platform of attacking Brett Kavanaugh and demanding that women be put in positions of power because they’re less likely to have sexual relationships with their subordinates.

And while she was doing that she was scissoring with a hot 22 year old who she was paying with campaign contributions, and who she had complete control over. General rule of thumb – if you’re having sex with your boss, it’s probably unethical, and you’re probably going to lose your job eventually. Just ask Leigha Genduso.


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