King Philip Regional Superintendent Segregates Students By Forcing Unvaccinated To Wear Masks, Warns Parents They Will Be Sent Home 


Dr. Seuss wrote a book called Sneetches and Other Untold Stories that should be mandatory reading for all children. The book is about these creatures called Sneethes, some of who have stars on their bellies and others who don’t. This created a caste system where the star bellied got privileges and led to bullying.

One day a man came along with a machine that allowed Sneetches with no stars to get stars on their bellies. All the Sneetches had to do was give him money and they came out the other end upper class.

He got rich off it but the stars were ultimately valueless and didn’t make the Sneetches better than the already were. Remember that when reading this story about King Philip Regional High School.

The DESE previously stated that schools that are 80% vaccinated will no longer have mask mandates. King Philip Regional (Wrentham, Plainville, Norfolk) recently passed this threshold, but an email sent yesterday from nurse Tara Esposito let it be clear to the parents of unvaccinated children that they will still be forced to wear masks.

The Sneetches has become real life. The man with the machine is Big Pharma. He makes money by selling children something that will allow them to join an upper social class, but ultimately is not necessary for the survival of Sneetches. This is exactly what Moderna and Phizer are doing. They make money with every shot, and children aren’t getting it because they’re afraid of dying, they’re getting it because they don’t want to feel left out or be bullied and ostracized by their peers.

According to parents at the school teachers have been given lists of students in their classrooms who are unvaccinated and must wear masks. Unvaccinated students yesterday were called down to the main office if they were not wearing masks. Kids who have never once gotten in trouble for anything are now being labeled as problematic, and treated like students who get in fights and bring weapons to school. You might as well put a star on them at this point. This is blatant segregation.

  • It separates children into caste systems based on their vaccination status.
  • It stigmatizes children and makes them stand out like a sore thumb in front of their peers, since less than 20% of the kids will be forced to wear masks.
  • It suggests that some children are bad while others are good.
  • It’s racist, because people are color are disproportionately unvaccinated.
  • It will undoubtably lead to bullying and mental health problems for unvaccinated children.
  • It suggests that some students are dirty and dangerous while others are clean and safe.
  • It punishes children for healthcare choices that their parents made by denying them the basic ability and right to breathe freely.
  • It coerces children into getting something they don’t want or need in order to avoid social ostracizing.
  • It’s designed to create tension between children and their parents, because they know that kids don’t want to be the only ones in school with masks on and will likely complain and argue with their parents over it.

This order comes directly from superintendent Paul Zinni.

Here’s an email he sent to a concerned parent of an honors student who was called down to the office and told that she would be sent home for not wearing a mask.

The DESE mandate gives schools the choice for how they choose to discipline unvaccinated students. Paul Zinni is attempting to hide behind the DESE, but ultimately he is choosing to do this because he is a monster, a despicable excuse for an educator, and a horrible all around person.

Page 72 of the King Philip Regional School District Handbook, which each student signs at the beginning of each school year, clearly states that “Harassment and discrimination in any form or for any reason is prohibited. This includes harassment or discrimination by administrators, certified and support personnel, students, vendors and other individuals in school or at school related events.”

Click to access KPRSD-Handbook-2021-2022-Final.pdf

“In any form.”

The school is violating their own rules, as well as violating the 14th Amendment rights of students. Students have a right to an equal education, but those who are forced to wear masks have barriers in front of them that make their education unequal to other students.

The nurses and teachers who comply with this are equally complicit. History does not shine brightly on people who went along with segregation in order to keep their jobs. Nurses like Tara Esposito and Kathleen Puzas clearly know nothing about this virus, don’t care about children’s mental health, and don’t understand that COVID has never been a deadly threat to children. They are no better than Paul Zinni.

They’re also sending the message to the vaccinated kids that their vaccines don’t work, which of course is accurate. Only a moron at this point believes they can’t get COVID if they’re vaccinated. It does seem to decrease the chances of dying if you get COVID, but luckily high school kids were never at risk to begin with. Vaccinated kids can still just as easily get the virus from other vaccinated kids, and the school is giving them the false belief that it’s safe to be around them, but dangerous to be around others.

And for what it’s worth, the masks clearly don’t work either. My daughter got COVID at her school while wearing a mask, as have countless others. She now has natural immunity and is much less likely to get or transmit COVID. She doesn’t need to be forced to put something in her body that won’t protect her so that Phizer executives can buy another yacht.

You know who doesn’t care about the vaccination status of kids in school? Vaccinated kids. I would certainly hope that children don’t end friendships with unvaccinated peers, although at this point it seems to be what the school is encouraging. But I highly doubt that any vaccinated student sees an unvaccinated student in the hallways without a mask on and thinks they’re in danger. If they do then they are a product of psychologically abusive adults who have lied to them.

The rest of the world is shaking their heads at us right now. The United States is the only country in the world that forces children this young to wear masks in school because it’s barbaric. Meanwhile, students in Florida have been going to school without masks on all year and have significantly lower rates of COVID transmission. But here in Massachusetts we don’t care about science or data, we care about forced compliance to the state and lining the pockets of big pharma.

Let’s also not forget that this vaccine apparently stops working after 6 months, which is why you have to get the booster to be fully immunized. They will make your child continue to get shot after shot in order to receive an education if you allow this to stand.

Here’s my question – where does this end? If we allow this to stand then soon the schools will have vaccinated and unvaccinated lunch waves, since you have to take your masks off to eat. Sports teams will have masked and unmasked players, if they allow the unvaccinated to play at all. Parents will have birthday parties that specifically exclude unvaccinated children. How long will unvaccinated kids be forced to wear masks? The virus will always be here, so by the current logic coming out of King Philip unvaccinated kids must wear them until they graduate.

The State Rep for these towns is Shawn Dooley, who allegedly is a Republican. He should be forced to go on record as to whether or not he supports this. We need leaders who vocally stand up to this tyranny. If they won’t speak up now then what use are they? Dooley’s email is: [email protected]

I certainly hope parents do not put up with this. If your school tries this then it is your duty as a parent to push back. Refuse to pick your child up at school. You pay taxes and they have a duty to educate them. You never agreed to be forced to put a vaccine into your child’s body against their will as a prerequisite to receiving an education. Students should be encouraged to hold the line and disobey the Nazi adults in their lives who think it’s OK to treat them like this.

Feel free to write Paul Zinni a respectfully worded email about his racist, discriminatory treatment of children: [email protected]


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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