Kirk Minhane Pretended To Be Kevin Cullen In Must Listen Interview Of Joe Curtatone In His Barstool Sports Debut


During the formative years of my early 20’s I was a regular visitor to Barstool Sports because of their edgy and entertaining content. But then it turned into this:


And I quickly lost interest.

But last week they won me back with the best hire they’ve had in years – Kirk Minihane. I did a podcast with Kirk a few weeks ago, and we’ve documented his fight against censorship at WEEI many times. Kirk became the latest victim of woke censorship after Bob Murchison and the Globe’s Shirley Leung harassed WEEI advertisers relentlessly until some of them agreed to stop advertising with Entercom. They got rid of him despite the fact that he single handedly brought them to the top of the ratings. He did so by bringing in people like me. I’m 37 years old. I have no desire to read about whoever this “personality” is, and what his thoughts on Wonder Woman emojis are.

I want controversy, and someone who calls out the mainstream media, fraud politicians, and other people that get a free pass for being hacks because they’re boring and follow the rules. This is what Minihane built his brand on and why he no longer works at WEEI. Last year when he exposed Kevin Cullen for lying multiple times about being at the Boston Marathon bombing, and eventually got him suspended without pay for three months, it was one of the greatest takedowns of a mainstream media fraud ever. WEEI was must listen radio because of that.

Well there’s no bigger fraud in Massachusetts than this man:

We’ve been calling out Someville Mayor Joe Curtatone for years now. Regardless of whether or not you’re a liberal or a conservative, we all can agree that someone who advocated for the protesters who blockaded I-93 to have the charges dropped against them, is a terrible politician.

In Kirk’s first Barstool blog he blended Cullen and Curtatone together, and it was masterful. But first a quick background for people unfamiliar with the story

  • After Barstool sponsored the Bruins towels for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals the woke media complained because they still think that Barstool is the edgy, sexist free speech platform it was 10 years ago.
  • Curtatone virtue signaled about it on Twitter, and tagged the Herald’s Jessica Heslam in a sad display of “look at me, I’m a male feminist.”

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  • Dave Portnoy began digging into Curtatone’s past and finding out what we discovered years ago – he’s the patriarch of a clan of criminals who pretend to be radical liberals because they know it’s their ticket to power in a liberal city paradise like Somerville.
  • Curtatone then went on the Boston Herald’s radio show where he wasn’t asked to back up any of his assertions that Barstool Sports was a racist blog.

  • Since Miniahne frequently brings liberals and people he disagrees with onto his podcast to share their thoughts in a free exchange of ideas, he tried reaching out to Curtatone for comment but was ignored.

  • So he got creative, contacted Curtatone’s office pretending to be Kevin Cullen, and set up the most entertaining 20 minute Borat style interview I’ve ever seen. A must watch:

Cullen and Curtatone are basically the same person – tough, grizzled, men of the streets, with strong Boston accents because they were bahhhn and raised heeyah.

The Mayor of one of the bigger cities in Massachusetts wasted 20 minutes on the taxpayer’s dime, doing an interview with someone who clearly was not Kevin Cullen. This man runs a city’s budget and school department. And the Cullen lines were just fabulous:

“I’ve been a fighter my whole life obviously”

“I wanna take these stooges down too”

“Obviously I can’t make anything up” (fucking brilliant)

“I got a call coming in, Tommy Donahue, Jesus Christ. Tommy’s always calling.”

“I’m google searchin’ here, I’m very thorough”

“Yea, there’s no sexual harassment in the halls of the Boston Globe”

“Yea, you’re real courageous for standing up”

Wouldn’t be the first interview Kevin Cullen did that he wasn’t really there for.

As for the interview it’s basically 20 minutes of Curtatone not explaining how Barstool Sports itself is racist. “Cullen” just wanted one example to “slam them.” Instead all he could do is point to the commenters, because that’s what people who are devoid of facts do – blame the followers of a publisher or platform, instead of the publisher or platform itself. The critics have been doing this to Turtleboy for years. A boycott was started in 2017 that entirely revolved around them attributing the racist commenters to the blog itself. This line of thinking shouldn’t be taken seriously by anyone.

The real loser here (aside from Curtatone and Cullen) is WEEI. In particular I feel bad for Gerry Callahan, because this is right up his alley and there’s no way that the powers that be who control content at WEEI will allow any mention of it.


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