Kirk Minihane Calls Turtleboy A “Passive-Aggressive C***” For Light Hearted Jabs About Crank Phone Calls On The Gerry Callahan Podcast Debut


I made my debut on the Gerry Callahan podcast last week, and Kirk Minihane wasn’t a fan of my performance. He responded on his podcast Friday, and this is my response to his response.

I’ve always liked Kirk and I still do. If you don’t listen to his show you probably think he hates me with a burning passion, but that’s just how he talks. There was a 0.0% chance Kirk would say anything positive about the show. This is just his shtick.

They apparently didn’t like the fact that I took shots at Kirk’s show, while simultaneously complaining that I agreed with Gerry too much. What was I supposed to do? Talk about all of the things I love about Kirk’s show? Sounds like riveting audio for sure.

My biggest complaint about the Minihane podcast has always been that Kirk and Steve Robinson are interesting, smart people who have unique takes on a variety of issues, but they dedicate at least half of every 3 hour podcast to the following:

  • Discussing who is the current President, VP, and secretary of state of the Minifan club
  • Crank phone calls that aren’t really even crank phone calls because all they do is name drop random members of the Minifan club to strangers in Idaho and giggle about it because the guy on the other end pretends to know who these people are
  • Parody songs made by members of the Minifan club about the Minihane show and the Minfan club

Basically what this guy said.

I never messaged Kirk himself to address these complaints because I believe in artistic freedom. It’s his show and he should do whatever he wants to do. I make a living offering opinions on things that I see, and in my opinion, that is extremely boring. Everyone I talk to says that whenever those segments come on they hit the 30 second mark 10 times only to find out that they’re still talking about it. It’s why the podcast isn’t really catching on with a larger audience. I’d rather listen to Matt Walsh or Michael Knowles rant about something for 30 minutes straight, because at least they’re talking about something. It’s why, in my opinion, Kirk has been stuck at 88.5K followers despite being affiliated with one of the largest and fastest growing podcast brands. These guys are on team Barstool now. They have the ability to reach a much larger audience because of that, but if you’re some random person in Texas why would you care about who the current Vice President of the Minifan club is?

I’m more disappointed than anything, because I know the show has potential. Kirk is one of the best in the industry because he goes after people who deserve it. His take down of Kevin Cullen was one of the most masterful performances of all time. More of that would be swell.

My biggest issue with what he said was the lie that I begged him to come on his podcast. Kirk called me in June and said that I should come in sometime because they had a new studio in Framingham. Of course I’m going to follow up on that, which i I did a few times before giving up. In the meantime they had a psychotic ginger in penny loafers on because he was the self-appointed director of promotions for the Minifan club.

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It was clear that this was the direction the show was going in, which is fine because it’s Kirk’s show and he does what he wants. In my opinion it sucks, but I only asked to come on because I was invited on.

I also had no idea I said “yea,” and “alright” so much because I don’t listen to myself, including my own podcasts and live shows. I’ve never played the #2 before so it’s something I have to get used to. But the interviews we’ve gotten on the Turtleboy Live show with ratchet redemption hour are a million times more entertaining than debating whether or not MHB was still allowed in the Minifan club. Just sayin.


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