Kirk Minihane Rips Gerry Callahan For Retweeting Post Opposing Transgender Men In Women’s Sports, Forgetting About Adoption, Coming On Turtleboy Live Show Thursday To Discuss  


Today I got invited on the Kirk Minihane Show to discuss an ongoing tweet beef involving Kirk and his former WEEI cohost Gerry Callahan. Tomorrow night we’ll be cancelling our regularly scheduled Turtle Club stream to do a public stream on YouTube at 9 PM. Click here to subscribe to our channel and help us get to 26K. First, let me give you some background.

It all began with former Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, who lost to a dude named Lia Thomas in the NCAA National Championship last year. Lia was on Penn’s Men’s team for 3 years before realizing he was a woman, growing his hair long, and destroying women’s national records left and right. Riley has become the de facto leader bringing awareness to this issue, and as such has made herself a target of blue-haired transgender rage mobs. Last week she was assaulted and held hostage for hours after speaking at San Francisco State University.

No students have been held accountable for that, and the school has publicly blamed her for inciting the lawlessness because she vocalized how she didn’t think it was fair for men to beat women in women’s sports.

Former Team USA women’s soccer star and outspoken communist Megan Rapinoe decided to wait until after she no longer played women’s soccer to vocalize her support for allowing men to compete against women in sports:

Rapinoe could’ve been brave like other feminists such as JK Rowling and Martina Navratilova, who despite being raging liberals have expressed opposition to women competing against men in sports. Instead she chose to be a coward, and used her platform to support the corporate endorsed position that men can become women. It’s noteworthy that Rapinoe never had to compete against biological males, which made it easier for her to win World Cups and gold medals. She’s also retired and childless, so she’ll never have to worry about that affecting her or her family in the future either.

Riley Gaines quote tweeted Rapinoe with this response:

She could’ve done without point 2, but besides that the message of her tweet is one that most people agree with. You do not have to be sexually attracted to men to have a baby because lesbians can adopt. I’m sure Riley Gaines knows this and didn’t really think this tweet through. Sometimes we don’t accurately express all of our feelings and opinions in 240 characters. The bigger point she was trying to make was that Rapinoe doesn’t have children, has no plans to have children, and thus is unaffected by the inclusion of men in women’s sports.

First let me say that I am a supporter and fan of Kirk Minihane and have been for years. I broke the story in 2018 about Minihane and Callahan being targeted by an activist named Bob Murchison, who was upset that the morning hosts said they were opposed to biological boys beating girls in high school girls track. In an effort to silence them Murchison began to relentlessly contact WEEI’s advertisers, sending them misleading quotes and out of context clips from the show, that wrongly portrayed them as bigoted. He pressured these businesses to halt advertising on the show, costing the company millions of dollars. In order to avoid controversy WEEI’s parent company didn’t renew contracts for either Minihane or Callahan, despite having the top rated morning show in New England. Murchison was a catalyst for Minihane’s mental health issues, which led to him taking time away from his shows on more than one occasion. I strongly felt that Murchison was a horrible person for what he did to Gerry, but even more so to Kir, and that he deserved to be exposed. I was happy to do it.

With that said, I don’t agree with everything Kirk says and I’ll vocalize when I don’t. Today was one of those days.

Kirk’s former cohost Gerry was one of over 6,000 people who retweeted Gaines tweet. This greatly upset Kirk, who took it as a personal shot at him. Kirk’s oldest daughter is adopted, and was upset by Gaines’ tweet to Rapinoe because it overlooked the fact that adoption is still a thing that exists. When Gerry retweeted it he took it as a personal shot at him and lashed out at on Gerry on his show:

My thoughts on this were:

  1. Kirk is overly theatrical and admittedly insane. It’s part of his shtick. If you’ve never heard one of his rants before and you just listened to this you probably think he’s crazy. He’s actually quite normal, he just gets carried away sometimes.
  2. Gerry should’ve gone on his show to talk about it.
  3. Kirk making the Riley Gaines about him and taking personal offense to it was quite the stretch.
  4. Calling Riley Gaines a c u next Tuesday was uncalled for, and I’m sure Kirk wasn’t thinking straight when he said that. He would NEVER say that to her face.
  5. Gerry retweeting something shouldn’t be a big deal.
  6. Kirk was the furthest thing from Gerry’s mind when he hit the retweet button, because why would Kirk Minihane come to mind in a beef between Riley Gaines and Megan Rapinoe?
  7. Kirk calling Gerry “transphobic” and “homophobic” for anything is insane, considering he lost his job at WEEI because of a man who used this same meaningless rhetoric.
  8. Kirk pretends that he’s some sort of centrist who “hates the far right and the far left,” but he really agrees with the right on 95% of issues. However, he makes it a point to loudly rail against the right on the 5% of things he disagrees with them on in an attempt to show liberals that he’s not THAT bad. This sort of appeasement is disingenuous never pleases them.
  9. Using the insult “transphobe” and incorrect pronouns is adopting the language of the left. You can no longer clam to be a centrist when you start doing that.
  10. Kirk loves Gerry and has public fallouts with him all the time like this. Gerry usually doesn’t respond because he’s much more laid back, to a fault. I am no longer on Gerry’s show because he’s so laid back that he didn’t tell Matt Carano to suck it up and do the show with me once a week, which Carano was refusing to do because he aligned himself with an abusive mother from North Attleboro spreading misinformation about me.

I tweeted about it:

Kirk saw the tweets while he was live streaming his show today and called me live to tape at the 30 minute mark:

Blind Mike with the words of wisdom (40:00):

“Turtleboy is a good example of why you should actually talk to people because you’ll read his tweet and be like, this fucking asshole. Then you talk to him and you’re like, OK he makes some good points.” 

More people should talk more instead of posting on the Internet, which is why I thought Gerry should’ve gone on. People realize that they have a lot more in common when they do that.

I listened to the whole show and found it annoying when Kirk and Dave Cullinane kept referring to Dylan Mulvaney (a man who recently declared that he’s a woman and has gotten endorsement deals from Bud Light and Nike out of it) as “she” and “her.” So I did what I always do and shared my opinions about it publicly, which led to this interaction:

In my opinion Kirk is trying way too hard to appeal to people who hate him and tried to drive him to suicide. After the interaction he reached out to me and offered to come on my show to discuss it, so that’s what we’re gonna do tomorrow night at 9 PM. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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