Kyle Kennedy, Aaron Hernandez’ Prison Boyfriend Films Himself Racing 160 MPH On Highway, Posts Video On IG, Should Be Back In Jail Soon


Kyle Kennedy, AKA “Pure,” made headlines three years ago after claiming to be Aaron Hernandez’ prison boyfriend. After that his attorney held a press conference when Hernandez passed, claiming that Hernandez promised his client a $50K rolex, while sources reported that Kennedy had once sold his soul in juvenile detention for a Gameboy.


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Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 11.53.24 PM

While in jail someone created an Instagram account in Kyle’s name, and began posting in 2018.

Now that Kyle is out of jail, he appears to be running the account, and from the looks of his IG posts (his page is private but he’ll let anyone follow who requests it) it would seem likely that he will be back in jail shortly. Here’s a video he recently recorded and posted showing himself racing a Maserati 160 mph on a highway, with other vehicles on the road.

I’m not an attorney or anything, but I think driving that fast results in a little harsher punishment than a speeding ticket, and may in fact be a felony. Good thing he filmed it, posted it on social media, and then accepted Turtleboy’s follow request.

The mere fact that he has acquired such an expensive car immediately upon release from prison is a completely normal thing that shouldn’t raise any suspicion whatsoever.

If you’ll recall, Kennedy went to jail where he became Aaron Hernandez’ play toy after being arrested in 2015 for robbing a convenience store and driving 110 mph on the highway in a failed attempt to escape.

So this is just his thing, and his four year period of incarceration has taught him absolutely nothing. Perhaps he should’ve taken some classes in jail, or reflected on what a life of crime leads to, rather than engaging in gland to gland combat with the guy who would’ve been Super Bowl MVP if Wes Welker had just caught that freaking ball.

He’s also wearing gold chains and cocaine shirts.

Waking up in Hilton suites with Louis Vutton on.

Referring to himself as a “big bag getta.”

I didn’t think it would be possible to pretend to be a hardo after seeking media attention for being Aaron Hernandez’ cuddle buddy, but here we are.

Based on his glamour shot prison exit photos, he might’ve gotten that watch though.

“Never go by the rules of a b****, she gotta except everything that come with me.”


Again, not sure where all this money is coming from (even though I think we’re all pretty sure where the money is coming from), but he claims to have profited from the media exposure he received in jail after his boyfriend killed himself.

I have reached out to Mr. Kennedy to invite him on the live show this weekend, and anxiously await his reply.


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