Kylie Kirkpatrick Has Begun Smearing Me And TB Daily News As A Racist Right Wing Fake News Site In Anticipation Of Being Exposed Next Week


Yesterday I published a teaser blog about an investigative series I’m going to be publishing next week about a California woman named Kylie Kirkpatrick, whose son has become the poster child for a nationwide campaign to pass legislation banning “lunch shaming.” By the end of next week you will see a plethora of evidence that backs up my assertion that this woman is a con-artist who has coached her child to lie for her financial benefit.

I wanted to address a couple things about what TB Daily News is, since a big portion of our audience on Friday came from northern California and never heard of TB Daily News before. I understand that if you’ve never read our work before you’d be skeptical about what this blog is.

TB stands for Turtleboy, a statue in downtown Worcester, MA that our two websites are named after. We’ve broken more impactful stories than the Boston Globe, Providence Journal, or any other media outlet in New England. Our most famous work was our series of blogs exposing corruption in the Massachusetts State Police. This reporting directly led to the resignation of the four highest ranking state members of the MSP, as well as the resignation of a trooper who was previously investigated by the MSP for selling drugs, but got on the force anyway. Both the Washington Post and Boston Globe cited our work and credited our journalism, since no one else could be bothered to do the research we did.

We specialize in exposing frauds who are taking advantage of people’s good will. Feel free to read out stories on Greg Bates, Lorrayna CalleLandon Steele, Hadassah Rose, Mosaic Cultural Complex, the Spencer-East Brookfield Public Schools, or the many other investigative stories we’ve published that have given a voice to victimized people. Six months ago we exposed a school lunch lady in New Hampshire after her viral campaign over “lunch shaming” also turned out to be a lie, so we have a background in this particular subject as well.

I cite these links not to toot my own horn, but to let outsiders know that this isn’t some fake news blog. This is my life and my business, and I take my reporting very seriously.

I’ve seen others from California suggest that this is a right wing smear campaign because all of the politicians Ryan Kyote and his mother have used are democrats. I cannot help the fact that they haven’t used Republicans yet, but I’m sure they plan to.

Full disclosure – I am a Trump voter from Massachusetts. If you want to ignore the facts that I am going to lay out in the coming week because of that then that is your choice. If you choose to be so partisan that you’d prefer to be ignorant of facts because you don’t like the guy I voted for, then I feel bad for you and urge you to seek help. My sources for this story primarily come from northern California, and seem to be primarily liberal. It doesn’t really matter because they see what I see – an apolitical woman using her child as a prop to gain access to politicians and celebrities so she can monetize her fifteen minutes of fame.

The focus of this blog series will not be on whether or not I agree with the policies Kylie is pushing for, so I’d hate to see it turn into that in the comments. It’s about her lying about this happening in her child’s school district, the detrimental affect it’s had on the decent people of Napa, CA, and the fact that her son is being taught that telling a huge lie is something that can lead to financial rewards. These are things we should all be outraged about, regardless of political affiliations.

I am a former public school teacher who firmly believes that no child should be hungry at school. I also know from experience that this myth that schools aren’t feeding kids is largely a media driven hoax.

I reached out to Kylie Kirkpatrick for an interview earlier in the week and she sounded eager to talk because she loves attention. After I published the blog she blocked me, because she only will speak with media outlets she can manipulate. She also did what I knew she would do – attempt to smear me.

For the record, I am indeed a former 11th grade history teacher, and I did quit my job in 2014, but it has nothing to do with what she’s making up here. I published a book available on Amazon if you’d like to read the whole story of how this blog began.

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I’m certainly not racist, but rather have caught the ire of white nationalists as I have arguably exposed more of them than any other media outlet. This is just a pathetic, last ditch attempt to save her good name. She will no doubt try to sue me for writing this, just as she has done to nearly a dozen other victims who called her out for lying. Ironically it is her speech that is defamatory though.

She posted again shortly after.

Notice how she’s trying to frame me as a racist in order to discredit my work to left wing readers. She wants you to think I’m a partisan hack so she can continue her campaign of grifting. If you do that then she wins. She’s very crafty and knows exactly what she’s doing. She even claims that her son is biracial, which I have seen no evidence of. The blogs will get into the many lies she has told about Ryan’s deceased father and how she has profited off of those lies as well.

Kylie even contacted Clive McFarlane on Twitter.

Clive is a former columnist at the Worcester Telegram and Gazette who was fired about six months ago. He wrote many smears about the work we’ve done, and is generally regarded as an untalented relic of the past who blames everything on racism. Not sure how much he’ll be able to assist her now that he’s unemployed.

See you on Monday.


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