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Latin Kings Groupie Adam Gomez Elected To State Senate By Springfield Voters Despite Advocating For Shooting Cops


For the first time in recent memory we will finally have a Latin King groupie and possible gang member serving in the State Senate on Beacon Hill.

City Councilor Adam Gomez soared to victory in Tuesday’s primary for state Senate in the Hampden District, defeating five-term incumbent Sen. James T. Welch. Gomez took 10,270 votes to Welch’s 6,929, for a margin of 60% to 40%. There is no Republican on the ballot for November’s general election, meaning Gomez is almost all but certain to claim the seat. 

Looks like Masslive isn’t good at reading graphs.

Gomez was able to eek out a victory in spite of crushing defeats in Chicopee and West Springfield because he won easily in Springfield.

Springfield is a much larger city with more people, many of who are of the ratchet variety, which explains why they’d vote for a guy who was flashing gang signs in a 2013 rap video with notorious Latin King Pedro Rivera, who was arrested in 2016 for threatening to kill two Springfield cops.

A 40-year-old Chicopee man who was found with a gun in his pants and two open Hennessey bottles in the front seat of his car during an early morning traffic stop is charged with threatening to kill the two officers who stopped him, police said. Pedro Rivera of Bonner Street, Chicopee, is charged with two counts of threatening to murder, possession of a loaded firearm without a license, possession of a firearm with three prior violent offences, possession of an open container, and failure to stop for a red light.

This is the same man who shared pictures of rioters urging people to shoot back at police while claiming to be “committed to non violence.”

He insists he’s not affiliated with gangs, despite being besties with Latin Kings who invited him to appear in their rap videos.

There are only 40 state senators in Massachusetts who write our laws, and now a man who may or may not be a gang member and wants people to shoot police is one of them. It should be noted that the man he took out also voted for the “police reform” bill, but the fact that he’s white and doesn’t have any homies in the Latin Kings severely hurt his chances of getting the Springfield vote.

This is why Massaachusetts can’t have nice things.


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