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Lawrence Man Interrupts Live Stream Interview With Josh Abrams By Exposing Children To Pornography In Order To Cover For Kate Peter’s Plot Against Paxton Police Officer 


Former blogger and deadbeat Mom Kate Peter used to be obsessed with “First Amendment auditor” Josh Abrams and blogged about him countless times as he harassed public servants while she worked for me. Abrams was scheduled to go to jail today on a robbery charge after taking a plea deal and although I find him detestable he offered to come on the live show last night to spill the beans on the extent of his relationship with Kate Peter. He alleged that prior to starting her ripoff YouTube channel that literally revolves around Josh Abrams, she had having regular contact with Abrams and had been giving him sensitive information about not only me, but also the identity of her friend and cohost Michael Plummer, AKA Masshole Mitch.

Selling out good friends of hers for information she can use in YouTube videos is the most Kate Peter thing Kate Peter has ever done, besides abusing and neglecting her children for 15 years.

On top of that Josh also revealed in their text messages that she had given him the name of Paxton Police Officer Jay Duggan, and urged Josh to harass and stalk him during an “audit” of PPD last year. He brought receipts, which included another lie from her about hiring Attorney George Leontire to sue me with the $2K in donated money she got from her subscribers.

But she hasn’t retained Leontire, and she defrauded the people who donated.

It was a pretty big audience, but unfortunately the interview is not up on our YouTube channel. That’s because last night I was introduced to something called a “porn bomb.” We allow people to call into the live show with a link, and apparently Kate directed her followers to come on under the guise of discussing her friendship with Josh, only to show images of Josh choking the chicken.


“Fixah” is Edwin Salazar, a gamer from Lawrence and former turtle rider who apparently like to disseminate videos of male masturbation when he isn’t doing the same to anime porn.

There were thousands of people watching, many of who could have been under 18. But Edwin apparently doesn’t care who sees videos of of Josh Abrams punching the clown. Edwin, who goes by Ed Takizawa on Facebook, used to send me story ideas all of the time, most of them bad. Last night he went on Josh’s live stream after the show to lecture him on how to get his life together while supporting Kate Peter, who has an open DCF case against her, a criminal complaint filed against her in Leominster District Court, and previously lost two children permanently to the state. I confronted him at the 1:34:30 of this video, and you’ll bang your head into a wall listening to him come up with hypothetical excuses for her.


One of the minions who sent in a porn bomb was disgraced former Worcester City Councillor Michael Gaffney, who tried and failed to sue me twice, and has been credibly accused of rape but a source we spoke to. The insanity continued on his wall today, as he and his pasty ginger call girl wife continued their online relationship by conversing in the public comments.

It should be noted that Coreen has such little respect for herself that she once attended a court proceeding in Uxbridge with Michael and his mistress. While campaigning for his failed City Council bid in 2017 Coreen was asked if she wanted to have children. When she replied affirmatively Mike reminded her that they have cats, and now she will die alone, childless, and a ginger. Sad.

When you get porn bombed you have to make the videos private and edit out the porn, or else the people who porn bombed you can report you to YouTube and have your channel removed. We had to do three shows because it kept happening, and tonight at 7 we will be republishing them all in one video with live commentary, without the porn. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch it.

This doesn’t mean I’m friends with or have respect for Josh Abrams. I really don’t think much about him at all, but he had undeniable proof with him this time and he exposed one of the biggest ratchets in Massachusetts, and when you do that you’re welcomed on our channel.


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