Poor Behavior

Lawrence Teacher Unable To Stop Classroom Brawl With Restorative Justice Practices But At Least There’s Equity


Lawrence High School is nothing more than a World Star training ground with desks.  Here’s a video we were sent earlier in the week of a recent class lesson that descended into an all out donny brook as the poor teacher tried in vain to get the savages to stop doing what their instincts tell them to do.

He tried everything in the manual, from “cut it out, cut it out,” to “hey, hey, hey,” but unfortunately the restorative justice techniques were not successful.

I’ve seen a lot of school fights growing up in Worcester, but I’ve never seen a kid use the teacher’s desk like he’s running the steeplechase to jump on the backs of rival hoodboogers.

It was impossible to tell who was on whose side or how any of this started, but more than likely someone’s mother gave a discount handjob to another mother’s baby daddy. No one really knows or cares because the details aren’t important. But the Lawrence bylaws dictate that if you see someone else throwing punches then you are required to start punching the closest person to you, which is what happened when the camera panned.

Meanwhile at the main event….

Same energy.

The only kid in the class who wasn’t throwing down was stuck in the corner, trying to climb the walls like a koala bear trying to escape a forest fire.

The teacher desperately tried to implore his class full of 17 year old freshmen to stop beating the shit out of each other, but instead they decided to break his computer.

Next thing you knew Willie Wife Beater grabbed one of the other combatants and suplexed him into Andover.

By this point the heating panel had completely fallen off and they were using it to curb stomp each other.

Instead of grabbing them and pulling them apart the teacher figured he’d give “cut it out” another try.

But shockingly it didn’t work, and one of them was fighting without a shoe.

Unfortunately for Shoeless Joe Crackson this meant he couldn’t gain leverage and he ended up getting dog walked across the classroom by Santa Domingo Sanchez.

Remember, there are no cops in schools anymore because black lives matter said it’s racist to have trained professionals prevent junior savages like this from assaulting each other and destroying school property. Sure, a bunch of innocent people will probably get hurt, the learning environment will continuously be disrupted, and a whole bunch of expensive things will get destroyed, but at least there will be equity. What that teacher really needs is more implicit bias training so he can yell “cut it out” in multiple languages and get them to listen when they return from their 2 days of counseling and in-house suspension.


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