Leicester Man Who Posted “Shoot The F Back” At Police Gets Shot To Death By Police After Ramming His Car Into LPD Headquarters


Yesterday a man drove his car repeatedly into Leicester Police headquarters, then got out of his car with a shotgun that he pointed at the cops, at which point he was shot to death by police.

The man who was fatally shot by police in Leicester Sunday morning drove an SUV up a handicap ramp and repeatedly rammed the doors of the police station, authorities said. That man, who police have not yet publicly identified, then popped out of the SUV and “immediately shouldered what appeared to be a rifle and aimed it at the police officers,” Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. said. Two Leicester officers who responded to the scene fired at the man, who was fatally wounded.

“He repeatedly rammed those doors until he gained entry with his vehicle into the building,” Early said.

Leicester Police Chief Kenneth Antanavica said the driver used the handicap ramp outside the building to drive up to the building.

“Almost the entire vehicle was into the lobby,” the chief said.

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The dispatcher called Leicester officers who were on duty.  “When the officers arrived at the police station the vehicle was in front of the doors,” Early said. “The man exited the vehicle and immediately shouldered what appeared to be a rifle and aimed it at the police officers.”

You knew he was white the moment it happened because they never said what race he was, there were no riots to mourn his death, no one is posting his GED ceremony pictures, and no one from the media asked the age old question “couldn’t they just shoot him in the leg?”

Well, in the least surprising news ever the cops today announced it wasn’t just a white boy, it was something much worse –

A ginger with an attitude AND a chinstrap!! We don’t need gun control, we need ginger control. Those things are dangerous!

Truer words were never spoken.

One of my favorite BLM attempts to make a coherent talking point is when they say, “How come cops killed (insert black guy killed while breaking the law here) but Dylan Roof was taken alive and got to eat Burger King?”

Probably because he surrendered and they’re required to feed him. Good question genius. But now you got what you wanted – a white boy doing dangerous things who got what was coming to him. We good now? Granted he wasn’t doing something REALLY dangerous like running through open doors at the Capitol, but driving your car into a police station and pointing a shotgun at the cops is just a low percentage move in general.

Demolition Dumpsterqueef  sure seems like he’s going to be a big loss for the community. Never could’ve seen his hatred for the police coming.

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He’s a white guy from Leicester, so it’s not like he’s got a lot of ties to the BLM. However, he does smoke Newports, which makes him blacker than Shaun King.

The one thing he did like about BLM last summer was their hatred for the police. Here he is posting a picture with a sign urging people to “shoot the f*** back.”

Except it’s not easy to “shoot the f*** back” when they blow your brains out first first. Nice peaceful organization you go there though BLM.

He posts anti-police stuff all the time.

His life accomplishments include getting kicked out of the casino.

And driving a car into the Leicester Police Station. That’s about it.

Now he’ll never find out which Karen took pictures of his license plates that one time in October.

Anyway, I’m not saying I want white people to start getting killed by the cops, but it’s just so much easier when they’re white. Almost like you should never feel bad for people who get shot by the police while actively engaging in dangerous behavior that is likely to get them killed.


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