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Leigha Genduso Opens Up About Why She No Longer Wants To Kill Me, The Crazy Messages Amanda Sawyer Sent Her, And Much More


Leigha Genduso has been featured in TB Daily News more often than any other. The former state trooper was the main character in one of our biggest stories ever, after it was revealed that she had previously committed perjury, sold marijuana, and laundered the proceeds.

But two months ago when I first began writing about Landon Steele, and his new relationship with Leigha, she reached out to me on Facebook with a friend request and a message. “What do you want from me? You won. I’m no longer a cop. Why are you still writing about me?”

And although a lot of the stories I’ve published about her are important because they revealed rampant corruption in our most trusted institutions, some of them were TMZ-ish. She had a fair point, and I respected the way she brought it to me. But then I respected her even more when she dumped Landon after reading the blogs, and sent me this message:

At that point I immediately liked Leigha Genduso. At heart, she’s one of us. Anyone who can see Amanda Sawyer’s insanity, and still choose to help out a guy who wrote a story that cost her a very good job, is good people by me. This chick has every reason to hate me for eternity, even though I was just doing my job. So when she agreed to come on the live show tonight for a groundbreaking interview, I jumped at the opportunity. And we had a LOT to talk about.

Some people have suggested that I was too easy on her because she’s a good looking woman, and suggested that I’d never do this to a ratchet. Did you people forget that we spent a good year writing story after story about her? She’s not selling food stamps or hurting anyone. She was never really a ratchet in the first place. She was the person who benefitted from a broken system and highlighted the problems within it. She justifiably lost her job, but the people who hired her, and didn’t do ANY background research, were never punished. Plus, how can you not love her after she wore this hat:

Bristol, CT is the worst!!

Anyway, Leigha works with dogs a lot and often has dogs available that are looking to be adopted. We’re turning a negative into a positive and using our platform to help find homes for these dogs moving forward. This whole ordeal has restored my faith in humanity. If Leigha Genduso and I can become buddies after everything she’s been through, then there may be hope for world peace after all.


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