Leigha Genduso’s Abusive Drunken Vetbro Boyfriend Messaged Me Vowing Lawsuits And We All Had A Long Conversation That Went Nowhere


The other day I published this blog about disgraced former State Trooper Leigha Genduso’s new boyfriend Landon Steele, after he was accused by several women of being a drunken, manipulative, conniving, free-loading abuser.

He’s in serious need of psychological help, Leigha is well aware of this, and instead of getting him help she’s dating him like all is normal. Leigha knows about his past, knew he had a girlfriend when she first started seeing him, and is now calling the victims liars.

Yesterday she sent me a friend request on my real account.

I don’t use my real account for anything Turtleboy related and only accept requests from people who I know. But I figured I’d see what she wanted, because at this point she might as well come on the live show since she has nothing to lose. In the meantime I’ve been speaking with many people who are familiar with Landon Steele, and there is a lot more coming on this one in the coming days. So I messaged her and we had an interesting conversation.

“I have my sources on when you are posting about me.”

The arrogance of this woman is off the charts. Guess her “sources” forgot to tell her on February 19, 2018, because she found out the hard way that she’d been exposed an hour after the blog was published.

Whenever I asked her a legitimate question she always deflected.


Make no doubt about it – he’ll abuse her too. Then she’ll complain about it and tell everyone how she “hates drama,” while actively engaging in a lifestyle that guarantees maximum drama around the clock.

I sent Landon a friend request using the Clarence account. He didn’t accept and sent a message to my real Facebook page. Here’s how that went down.

Landon has lots of people who want to help him, but admitting something is wrong requires personal sacrifice, something he’s not willing to do right now. Some people are still defending him, and for those people I’m telling you right now that you’re going to look very silly after the next blog. Landon might’ve served his country, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a dangerous person who takes advantage of women who try to help him. He gets away with it by hiding behind his veteran status, and repeating conservative talking points  (Second Amendment is good, black lives matter protesters are frauds, etc) that people like me normally agree with in order to make like-minded people think he’s a decent person. He’s not.

Stay tuned. And if you’ve ever had any dealings with him and want to add something to this story, you can email me at turtleboysports@gmail.com, or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook.


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