Leominster “Essential Worker” And His Dad Threaten To Come To My House, Continue To Post Videos Of Twisted Tea Coronavirus Parties  


I chose not to identify the Leominster area “essential workers” who were featured in a blog last week after they chose to post these pictures and tweets on social media.

Fast fact – Jay Baldarelli’s older brother Joe was Turtleboy famous last year after assaulting an elderly man at McDonald’s in Clinton.

I’m not into snitching because that’s a Karen move, but these guys were asking for it. It’s one thing to go for a walk with your friends and have some Karen post your pictures on Facebook for the purpose of public shaming. It’s another thing to go out of your way to post pictures of yourself proudly ignoring social distancing guidelines with the caption, “virus got nothing on us,” while drinking a chick drink at what appears to be a Brazzers tryout video. And the confederate flag for a bunch of boobs who think the south is New Jersey was an added touch of douchebaggery.

But by far the most offensive part about this is how they called themselves “essential.” These are people who pump gas and were conceived because their parents didn’t use condoms because they thought Y2K was going to end the world. There’s nothing about you that’s essential in any way, shape, or form.

I wasn’t planning on naming and shaming them individually, but apparently they’re dumber than I thought. I was contacted by the one in the middle being held up by his boyfriends.

I remember my first beer.

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His name is Jacob Brown, and apparently he wasn’t happy about the blog.

He also wasn’t happy with the woman who initially posted the picture on Twitter and let her know that in a Facebook post.

Chris Brown is apparently his father, and he had some really splendid things to say about the girl in sentagraph form.

Dad says he’s going to find me, but first he needs to sober up and find his car keys. Might be a while.

Jacob Brown came on the live show to further prove just how truly deserving they all were of becoming TB famous. He called in around the 1:38:30 mark, threatened to come to my house multiple times, and dropped the n word a whole bunch (both with the a and the er at the end) while out at another Twisted Tea sausage fest that he sent me a video of.

Telling a 38 year old man (me) that your mother is younger than him is one of the greatest self owns of all time. Again, I’m not one for snitching, but these idiots deserve every single moment of the public shaming they’re receiving.

One of the other morons was Brett Williams.

His big fame to claim up until this point was when he got pulled over in Webster for driving with an ATV on top of his Jetta.

Because, of course he did. This is the level of stoogery we are dealing with here. These are the people who the government has labeled as “essential” while millions of other Americans were forcibly put out of work.

The bottom line is I don’t think that people are dying because morons like this get together in groups to drink chick drinks at gang bangs. I’m more upset that trashy people who use the n word openly and post about their Twisted Tea gang bangs, is what qualifies as “essential” nowadays. That’s the real crime here.


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