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Leominster High School Student Uploads Vicious, Premeditated Assault On Unsuspecting Student To SnapChat


A disturbing video of a Leominster High School student walking into another student’s classroom and sucker punching him while he had his head down went viral yesterday and has led to an arrest.

According to WHDH the student who was sucked punched was 14 year old Hunger Gallant, and the student who hit him was 15. It was the culmination of a “feud between friend groups,” and was entirely unprovoked. The video had over 10,000 views on SnapChat before it was taken down, and the student who hit him has been charged with assault and battery. The police and media are not releasing the perp’s name because they won’t shame a kid. Luckily we will. This is Neymarr Mitchell.

Chicago Bulls. Explains everything.

I for one find it difficult to believe he’s only 15, unless we’re counting in Fitchburg years. Neymarr comes from one of the most prolific families in Leominster. And by prolific I mean, they’re all a bunch of dirtbag criminals. For instance, his older brother Sean likes to rob people at gunpoint and sell drugs. Dad seems like a real winner too.

What you witnessed in that video was a serious crime that only a demented individual could perpetrate. He walked into a classroom that wasn’t his, cold clocked a kid with his head down who didn’t know he was standing behind him (as a former teacher I have to ask, where was the teacher?), and then walked away like a coward because he had no intention of actually fighting. The whole thing was premeditated, and then they were so proud of what they did that they went and posted it on social media.

This is animalistic behavior. The kid who punched the student should be expelled and never allowed to step foot in Leominster High School again. The student who filmed it should be suspended for a long period of time since he was involved in planning and plotting the attack.

Neymarr also appears to be on the football team. For what happened in that video he should never be allowed to play for Leominster High School again, or step foot in the building. The schools can’t tell us they care about school safety if they’re going to allow a violent offender like this back into their school where he can terrorize other students.


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  1. You literally always talk about why you’re a better journalist than actually newspapers. It’s unbelievably unethical to blast a child’s face and name on your page like this.

    You’re despicable.

    1. Are you serious?? This hoodrat uploaded HIS OWN VIDEO to social media, BRAGGING about what he did, as if it’s something to be proud of! He put his own face out there for notoriety! Play stupid games…win stupid prizes! It’s his own fault!!

    2. Shut up you snow flake. That kid should be shamed all over and expelled. He is a thug and will continue down a dark path. He is a waste of space.

    3. He’s not a child, he’s a violent criminal. Lock him up now before he kills someone,and keep him locked up.

    4. What that punk did was not childlike ! He is a criminal and the public has the right to know who criminals are and what their criminal acts are ! Do wicked things and pay the price. The cowardly criminal basturd !

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Angry people raising angry kids. Are they letting him back in to school? I wouldn’t even think that would be an issue. Horrible horrible school if they allow him back.

  3. You’re stupid as hell sorry to tell you that. Making this article to attack a 15 year old boy when you probably don’t even have the full story. You really got me laughing. And it’s even funnier how you decide to attack his family too like some low life scum. Funny how some kid at the school can have a whole list made up of kids he wanted to kill and he still get to graduate but a black kid sucker punches a white kid and he should be expelled and kicked off the football team. By making this article you are the trash that walks on this planet

    1. you could not have said this any better. This guy is absolutely disgusting. He wanna talk about the kid acting out, but get your a grown ass man blasting a 15 year old little boy.

    2. He should be expelled, should be thrown off football team. What kind of person sucker punches another person? Scum

    1. What’s race got to do with it? Violent thug Neymarr needs to be locked up forever before he kills someone.

  4. Bro naymarr got jumped by hunter and his friends so I don’t think it was for nothing get your facts before you start slandering someone without the full story

  5. You’re a straight up bitch. Why is it because he’s black. what if Hunter hit Neymar, you wouldn’t have written shit about it. Also I hope someone finds you and smacks the shit out of you like that.

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