Leominster Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Allegedly Abusive Transgender Father Who Has Been Harassing And Stalking My Family 


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Last September I published a blog about a missing 16 year old girl in East Providence who posted on Facebook and claimed that she had run away from her abusive transgender father Ashley St. Angelo, who attempted to fundraise and profit off of her disappearance.

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In late December Ashley St Angelo contacted me and asked me to remove the blogs, claiming that he had proof that his two daughters alleging abuse were lying. He didn’t provide any evidence to back this up, and because he was further trying to smear his own children I refused to have them removed.

On January 4 I began getting emails from an account named Jenny Manning, who claimed to be working for a group called the Justice League, which exposes defamatory bloggers. Jenny Manning said that Ashley St. Angelo had contracted them to clear his name and repeatedly emailed me, my parents, and my wife’s employer asking for comment. They said they would stop the harassment if I removed the blogs about Ashley, which gave away the fact that Jenny Manning was Ashley.

Ashley published a blog for the “Justice League” that made up ridiculous allegations that we sexually abuse children, and falsely claimed that my family also writes for TBS. He posted our address, urged people to contact my wife’s employer, and posted a picture of my children with the quote “I hope these kids are not being sexually demonized by their farther. Lord pray for these kids.” He even included an email of me telling him to stop contacting me.

But the harassment continued so I contacted the Holden Police who then contacted Ashley, and Ashley told them that he found the Justice League online, “asked them to handle him on her behalf,” said she would contact the Justice League to tell them to stop, stated that the group was real, and told the Holden Police Officer that “Many years ago I would’ve driven to his house and beaten the shit out of him.” She even told the police that she would buy them lobster dinner if they got me to take the blogs down.

According to the police report Ashley then went to a courthouse in Providence to get an order against me, and lied to the judge by telling her that the Holden Police had recommended he do so. HPD says that this was a lie.

Yet somehow Providence Superior Court Judge Melissa Darigan granted the temporary restraining order (which was not served in time for the January 25 court date and I did not receive until yesterday) based off this ridiculous affidavit filled with lies that Judge Darigan couldn’t be bothered to verify.  (he was also given a waiver for paying for any of this, so it’s all just a free game)


  • My wife had anything to do with this
  • I incited violence towards him
  • He had “bricks, eggs, rocks and so on” thrown through his windows
  • His daughter’s allegations were untrue
  • He provided me with evidence that the story was untrue
  • He contacted an online group to help him get the blog taken down
  • HPD told him that they didn’t think it was him harassing my family
  • HPD advised him to get a restraining order against my family
  • His life is being threatened by turtle riders

Judge Darigan didn’t ask for evidence of any of these things, because there is none. She simply signed the order and is attempting to force two innocent people (one of whom doesn’t even know who Ashley St. Angelo is) to drive across state lines during a pandemic for a hearing.

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Around this time I also filed for an order against Ashley in Leominster District Court after he repeatedly contacted me via email and continued to harass my wife’s employer, threatening to show up at her work to protest against her. Attacking my family to get to me is the lowest thing a person can do. Come after me all you want, I’m built for this. Leave my innocent family members alone.

The temporary order was granted against Ashley, who appeared in court today with me and was in rare form. Ashley (formerly Anthony) said that he never told the police that he knew or contacted the Justice League, and that HPD was conspiring with me. Calling the police liars is not generally an effective strategy to use in court, and the order was granted for a full year for not only me, but also for my family and my wife’s employer.

I will do anything to protect my family.

I’ve tried contacting attorneys in Rhode Island about how to do this upcoming hearing on the 19th remotely, since innocent people should not be dragged across state lines during a pandemic to be forced to stand next to their abusers in court. No one will help us for less than $2,500, which I’m not paying because I could get this dismissed very easily by showing up. I’d rather not though, and it’s a rather simple matter, so if you are an attorney in Rhode Island and would like to help my family out feel free to email [email protected] so we can chat.


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