Leominster Man Has Been Sexually Harassing Women Online By Offering Money For Noodz For Almost 10 Years Now


We’ve published many blogs exposing local perverts who prey on women online, but no one has been more notorious than Travis Palermo from Leominster, who we first warned women about in 2017.

A local woman named Cassie posted about her disturbing experience with him.

Travis has a bad habit of messaging strange women on the Internet and offering them money for noodz.

“I didn’t mean to offend you.”

Yea, sorry that I assumed you were a hooker. My bad. He was just trying to build up some material for the spank bank.

That right there is the guy who buys you a drink and then stares at you for the rest of the night from across the bar because he thinks you’re required to sleep with him now.

When Cassie posted this it quickly became a “Travis Palermo tried to get me to send him noodz for cash” support group.

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Then came the screenshots of the messages.

Oh yea, it’s OK because he was bored. Now that he’s not bored anymore it’s not a big deal.

When I was single I never thought about messaging random girls I don’t know and asking them to come over my house because it seemed like a low percentage and creepy move.

He really isn’t fazed if you ignore him, because he’ll just keep on messaging you anyway.

One woman had messages from five years ago.

If a woman saves your bizarre sexual text messages from five years ago you have reached legendary creep levels. That woman probably went through two phones since then and got the pictures all transferred over just waiting for the opportunity to make him TB famous. And now he is. So if you get a message from this man:

Just send him some dick pics and he’ll get the message.

Here’s my question – does he not know about Internet porn? It’s literally everywhere. And if you have a Mac it doesn’t give you viruses. Back in the 90’s you had to be the shady guy who went down to Honey Farms and asked for the Hustler Magazine in the appropriate plastic wrapping behind the counter. It was a whole procedure back then. So with all this accessible porn at his finger tips, why does he feel the need to ask all these random Central Mass women for noodz? And why not expand across the country instead of doing this to women who you might see at Market Basket? Must be the thrill of knowing that these women have a soul, unlike the women who appear in some of the movies I’ve accidentally clicked on.


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