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Leominster Mom Recently Charged With Sexual Assault On 5 Year Old Sicks Mob On Daughter’s School Over Calm Down Room, Sells Unregulated Healing Products


Plenty has been written about overbearing parents whose children get sent to the calm down room at school. Thanks to social media these people now have the ability to broadcast and misrepresent the purpose of these rooms to large audiences who are equally uneducated, who then form lynch mobs against the school. Today it happened in Leominster. Editor’s Note – While writing this blog the OP took down the post. 

Just to review what happened here according to Mom:

  • Mom went to pick her child up at school, found out she was in the calm down room (which less than 3% of students ever get sent to, and only when they’re a danger to other students or teachers), and then disregarded school policy and safety guidelines by walking upstairs during school hours where she photographed the room
  • Her daughter does not have an IEP but she thinks she should have one
  • She’s pulling her daughter out of school because she’s upset with the room
  • Her daughter allegedly has PTSD, is “medically complex,” and was allegedly lying on the ground crying with grown ups blocking the door (AKA keeping an eye on her)
  • She said she wanted to punch the teachers
  • She’s “getting the school to incriminate themselves” and calling the cops and board of ed

The post had over 5,600 shares before being pulled, as mobs of uninformed troglodytes from around the country jumped in the comments and expressed their mutual outrage.

This one was my favorite:


That’s a new one.

“All them b***es would had their teen knocked down their throats.”

If that’s the case then you’ll finally have a twin.

As you can see a mob of misinformed simpletons is now going to harass this school relentlessly (luckily these kinds of people have a short attention span so they’ll hopefully forget by Tuesday), and the Leominster Public Schools Facebook page is getting flooded with bad reviews.

And pretty much none of these people lives anywhere close to Leominster or Massachusetts.

And all because Audrey Lefebvre posted something on Facebook that she knows nothing about.

But this woman is the last person who should be throwing stones, and it’s clear from some basic background research on her that she is a habitual problem, and a dangerous mother who has no business being allowed around children.

Let’s start from the top. For starters she was recently charged with a pretty serious crime.

Sexually assaulting a five year old. She has court in three weeks, and the crime occurred 10 years ago, which means the victim is 15 now, and is probably so traumatized from this that it took them this long to come forward. The fact that anyone charged with such a heinous crime is allowed to keep their children is everything that is wrong with DCF today.

As soon as I found this out I started posting the link in it so the thousands of people leaving comments could know that they were supporting someone who allegedly sexually assaults five year olds. She then shut off comments completely (so no one else could post the link either) and started tagging the news channels and Ellen.

She knows we will dig into this, but the mainstream media won’t. Plus, Ellen’s a little busy explaining why she’s friends with someone who has different political opinions than her, so I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Audrey acts as if she’s some sort of doctor, and is running a home made healing products business called “Maeberry Naturals.” Check out the about section on their Facebook page.

At Maeberry Naturals we take our products very seriously. We started because when our family was diagnosed with not only Mast Cell Activation Syndrome but also Ehlos Danlers Syndrome. It was nearly impossible to find affordable options for body products and such. This began our mission of making and supplying the public with safe products that you can feel good about using on your family. We sell nothing that we ourselves don’t use. It has been used by our families extensively before marketing to you. If we don’t love it it doesn’t make the cut. Period. Simple ingredients. Amazing products. We look forward to having you experience the products we have come to love!

The whole family was diagnosed with the exact same syndromes? This is Kathryn Narcissi all over again.

Instead of buying medicine for her allegedly sick family she wanted “body products and such” to fix what ailed them. So she started a “business” to provide the public with safe “products” they could use on their family. Is it FDA approved and regulated? Well, according to her their testing method is, “we sell nothing we ourselves don’t use.” In other words, she treats her two children like guinea pigs, and when they don’t die she figures it’s safe to sell to the public.

That’s called “immunity potion.” What does it make you immune from? Who knows. Is it FDA approved? I don’t see anything on any of her labels that suggests that.

It says in barely visible red ink, “the safety of this product has not been determined.” Good thing she’s selling it.

She’s a 19th century medicine man. This is how medicine was sold before the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. Medicine and meat production used to be a completely unregulated industry, and quack doctors who went from town to town would sell the townsfolk these heal-all potions they made. Lots of people died or got addicted to drugs because of it, so Congress passed the Pure Food and Drug Act specifically so people can’t do what Audrey is doing right now. It mandates government regulation of any food or drugs sold in interstate commerce.

I hate to bring kids into this but the pictures she’s posted of them are startling. The older one looks malnourished in this Facebook post, in which Mom is once again complaining that the schools aren’t doing enough for her child, claims she knows the law better than everyone else, and brags about how she demanded and “educated” her kid’s teachers into using her products.

Then there’s this picture she posted of her and the younger child in what looks like Home Depot.

Notice she has no shoes on in a dirty store.

This same child, who I assume is the one that’s been put in the calm down room, appears to be 6-7 and still uses a pacifier.

I don’t know if that’s abnormal or not, but most kids that age don’t use pacifiers. It’s weird. Maybe she really does suffer from PTSD, but based on everything that’s plainly visible about Mom’s overall philosophy on health and wellness, everything is fair game for speculation at this point.

Again, I hate using pictures of kids, but I am genuinely worried about these children. They live with a woman who was recently charged with sexually assaulting a five year old. The same woman who said she’d like to punch her kid’s teachers, illegally went into the school during school hours (according to her), and is testing unregulated healing products on her family. Every minute they are allowed to stay with this woman they are in danger. I sincerely hope that when teachers and administrators at Fall Brook Elementary see this they file a 51A. Although from the sounds of it I’m sure they’re very familiar with this woman by now. Look at this post.

This woman has a superiority complex. She knows everything and is smarter than everyone. She sees teachers and administrators as useful idiots who get in the way a lot. She wrote a “poison pen letter” to her daughter’s IEP team, which she seems to think will get them to give into whatever her demands are.

She claims that her older daughter thinks that she’s a doctor.

Notice she didn’t point out anything about correcting her daughter. And now she is going to pull her kids out of the public schools.

It sounds like her kids might drink coffee too, unless this is a joke.

She has warned her daugher’s teachers not to mess with her in a Facebook post, regarding a recent IEP meeting.

She’s talking about getting a lawyer, but she knows that because her kids aren’t on an IEP there’s not much a lawyer can do.

But right there she states that the school does have a proposed IEP for her daughter, it’s  just not good enough because it “ignores most of her disabilities.” Disabilities that clearly she does not have. Disabilities that Mom is possibly medicating her for with her home made brews.

The bottom line is this woman thinks she knows more than doctors, teachers, and other trained professionals, despite her lack of background in any of those fields. She posted something on Facebook to defame her daughter’s teachers, organized a mob, and shut off commenting so that people can’t point out her disgusting history and lack of credibility. She is manipulative, calculated, and dangerous. And as much as I am disgusted by her actions she is welcome to come on the Live show tomorrow night to defend herself. I won’t hold my breath.


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