Leominster Police Bothered By Fabricated Story About Whitney Mall Kidnapping Attempt To Drive Traffic Towards Hair Coloring Business On Facebook 


Update: Leominster Police are now claiming that this woman did call them, but that the dispatcher did not properly log the call. They did not say that they instructed her not to go back to the mall, nor do they say that there was any legitimacy to her claims.


The so called “pumpkin spice mafia” has been spreading blatantly false stories on Facebook for the past year or so about their children nearly being kidnapped in public places, which in turn has whipped up mass hysteria and led to the tying up of police resources to deal with it. You would think that by now people would know not to fall for these things, but Hailey Nogler from Ayer posted another one of these stories on her Facebook page today, about her child allegedly almost being kidnapped at the Whitney Field Mall in Leominster, and she got the reaction she wanted.

Kidnapping doesn’t happen to middle class people. It happens to rich kids, and your’s are not the Obama girls. They aren’t worth a ransom, as much as you love them, because you wouldn’t be able to afford anything that would make kidnapping worth the risk.

As a rule of thumb I don’t trust anyone who uses phrases like “terrifying Mama moment,” refers to their children as “kiddos,” or refers to themselves as “boss babe” and Momma bear of 4 cubs,” all of which Hailey is guilty of.

According to sources who have spoken with the Leominster Police, none of this happened and they’re not happy about being bombarded with phone calls about it. This means Hailey either made it all up for attention, or she misinterpreted a harmless situation. My money is on the former.

Nevertheless she got exactly the kind of reaction she hoped for.

So scary! How did you ever survive seeing a man and a woman get out of a car in a public parking lot? Oh wait, that never actually happened.

As MVTB pointed out, these viral lies almost never seem to happen to men. It’s always large groups of women. Why is that? I’m not sure, but I do agree that women like this severely hurt the advances women have made towards equality in the last 100 years.

It appears as if the entire purpose of this post was to elicit fear and get people to share the lie in hopes that it would drive traffic to Hailey’s page where they would be bombarded with posts about purchasing hair coloring.

And we all love the people on our Facebook rosters who bombard us with whatever spam they’re selling in their latest pyramid scheme.

What’s really awful about this is not only the fact that it stokes fear in people unnecessarily, it’s that it leads to Internet lynch mobs attacking innocent people. Like with this comment.

“Was it these people?”

And there was a screenshot from a previous post someone had made, accusing some innocent guy of kidnapping kids at the same mall.

That guy’s crime was having a beer belly and wearing a batman tank top to the mall. And because of that some horrible woman with too much time on her hands decided to take his picture in the food court, shame him on social media, and spread the baseless lie that he kidnaps children.

These people are truly evil and they need to be called out for their reckless behavior before they get someone hurt.


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