Leominster Superintendent Flies To Florida To Watch Tampa Bay Bucs Game Despite Keeping Schools Closed Due To COVID Positivity Rate


This is Leominster Public Schools Superintendent Paula Deacon.

Leominster was the first of many districts in the state to vote to close their schools in lieu of remote learning this past August, which parents report is akin to child abuse. Then in December Superintendent Deacon announced that they’d be keeping remote learning indefinitely because it sure beats opening up the buildings, maintaining them, and listening to the teachers whine about how they’re all going to die.

“Over the past few weeks, COVID-19 cases have increased at a concerning level,” Superintendent of Schools Paula Deacon wrote in a Dec. 2 letter to families and district employees. “As of today, Leominster has 448 positive cases. On November 30th our positivity rate was 8.09 [percent]. The state’s positivity rate was 3.32. Worcester County’s rate was 2.73. Our rate exceeds the 5% threshold we set for in-person learning.”

This included special ed students, who need schools to be open more than anyone.

Because potentially getting a virus with no chance of killing them is worse than being deprived of an education. It’s science. Just shut up and stay home already.

Luckily Paula Deacon is very concerned about the COVID positivity rate in Leominster, and as long as it’s high the schools have to remain closed. Naturally then she spent her New Years sitting at home and social distancing.

LOL. Just kidding. The only people who do that are the suckers who actually believe the fear porn fed to them by politicians and the media. To Hell with that! Life is too short to quarantine, so Paula and her husband got in a tightly packed aluminum box known as a plane, traveled through two crowded airports twice, and attended the essential activity of watching the Tampa Bay Bucs beat up on the Atlanta Falcons.


She couldn’t go to a game in Foxboro because they don’t allow fans in, so she went into the freest state in the country, run by the best governor in the country, whose official COVID policy is, “you’re a grown up so take whatever risks you feel comfortable with.” A state that has much lower rates of cases and deaths despite never closing their schools and allowing all businesses to operate freely. Funny how we are seeing a mass exodus of people from lockdown states like New Jersey and California to free states like Texas and Florida. Guess people just like dying.

Meanwhile, kids in Leominster can’t go to school because COVID rates are too high. And the best way to improve that is by having your leader get on a plane and go to Florida. Will she quarantine for 2 weeks? Doesn’t really matter since schools are closed anyway, amirite?

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They ended up taking the picture down once they realized what a dumb idea it was, what with her being the superintendent of a district that hasn’t reopened yet. But if you are an elected official who intentionally disregards your own COVID rules (AKA every single one of them), whatever you do, DO NOT post pictures of it on social media. That’s literally the only thing you have to do in order to get people that you actually believe the hysteria too. Facebook is not your diary, and the Internet is forever.


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