Lesbian Poet Protester Harasses And Films South Hadley Police Whenever She Sees A Black Person Being Pulled Over, Demands Chaplain Be Fired For Not Letting Her Film In His Driveway 


This is Lanette Sweeney, a lesbian “poet and protester” from South Hadley who used to work at Hampshire College and is married to someone called Renee who fits somewhere on the BLT-123 spectrum.


(Do you really count as a lesbian when you’re attracted to someone who 99 out of 100 people would assume is a man? I get what the wife is getting out of this, but I’ll be damned if I’ll ever understand what Lanette does.)

In other words, she’s unemployed and gets to work a fantasy job that makes no money “thanks to her wife’s support.”

Lanette is a big BLM supporter in a nearly all white town, and she has far too much time on her hands. So she apparently stops on the rare occasion in which she sees a black person being pulled over by the police so she can harass them for doing their job. She posted this video on May 6.

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“It looks like they pulled over a black man, and they’re all staring at me.”

Gee, I wonder why.

If these people had any idea what a caricature they were making of themselves they would bow their heads in shame and disappear forever. But they really don’t. They actually think they’re doing something good. They think that black people in routine traffic stops NEED their honkey asses to interfere in order to save them from blood thirsty killer cops. How did black people ever survive before liberal white women suddenly decided that they were the cause du jour?

If you thought that was insane, check out the post that came along with it. It’s really long, so I’ll sum it up at the end.

To review:

  • Lanette admits that she slows down whenever she sees a traffic stop to check out if the driver is white or black, only stops if they’re black, and literally said that “the person is almost always white and we drive on,” which indicates that she’s chasing an imaginary racist bogeyman and she’s just too dumb to see that
  • She saw a black man being pulled over and was immediately worried about him due to videos the media forced down her throat on the Internet, and she determined without speaking to the driver that he was “calm and reasonable” and thus needed her white savior complex
  • She started filming on Facebook and “trembling” from fear as she assumed the cops were coming after her because the female cop asked her to not park on the road, so she struggled to pull into a privately owned driveway that does not belong to her and saw nothing wrong with that
  • The homeowner whose property she was trespassing on turned out to be the police chaplain and understandably came outside and accused her of being a racist because she is in fact a racist
  • Instead of apologizing for trespassing she lectured the chaplain about why her insane behavior was justified due to “statistics” about black people being pulled over by cops
  • She claimed, without talking to the driver, that he wanted her there to protect him
  • The chaplain became frustrated and went back into his house which startled her and she planned to tell the Chief that he needed “educating,” because the chief was a progressive lesbian who is committed to being anti-racist and would be welcoming of her irrational concerns
  • A biracial girl arrived, the officers asked for her ID, and the biracial girl and Lanette bonded while she bragged about how she had protected the black man from the racist cops
  • Lanette assumed that the cops asked the biracial woman for ID because she was not completely white even though it’s literally the first thing any cop asks for in any interaction they have with anyone
  • She felt the need to point out that the black people were “beautiful” because pandering try-hards always have to overcompensate by using positive descriptors they would never think to use when describing white people
  • Lanette teared up as the biracial woman and black man drove away because she had saved their lives and they appreciated her work as an ally, and she credits herself with “standing up to a white supremacist institution”
  • She claims she’s been to court with her son Kyle before and saw black people who were there for driving 1 mph over the speed limit, which literally never happened and is a lie she is making up
  • Lanette admits that all of her ridiculous faux activism is a result of “having so much making up to do” because she didn’t tell off a racist landlord 30 years ago, but that today was a good start because she saved these two black people, proving that she is overcompensating due to white guilt

After making the post and contacting the progressive lesbian police chief she edited her post to point out:

  • The driver probably had an expired license and instead of arresting him SHPD used discretion and had a friend come and drive the car home
  • The 3 cop cars she assumed were there to murder the black person inside were actually just small town cops backing each other up, which happens everywhere
  • Chief Jennifer Gunderson is your typical political police chief – a pandering clown who said it was “shameful” that her town was 89% white, because self-deprecation for white people is so hot these days

  • Chief Gunderson got her job not because she was most qualified, but because they hoped her gender and sexual orientation would quell identity obsessed psychopaths like Lanette
  • In an attempt to further please the unsatisfied lunatic, Gunderson bragged to Lanette that she’s forcing her officers to take implicit bias training and believes our nation has a lot of work to do in order to become “anit-racist”
  • The Chief kissed this woman’s ass and thanked her for “helping SHPD be the best we can be” after this same woman harassed her officers while they were doing their job because she assumed they were racist murderers
  • Even after being pandered to Lanette still threw Washington Post articles at the Chief insisting that her department is racist, and cited data showing that only 76% of traffic stops are for white people, which isn’t nearly enough for her

Obviously normal people would laugh at a virtue signaling narcissist like this, who took a routine police stop and made it all about her being a superhero. But her collection of crusty white friends in lower Amherst patted her on the shoulders for doing the terrifying work that they’re all afraid to do.

You will notice that not one of them is black. Because these people have intentionally spent their entire existence avoiding black people like the plague, and now overcompensate for the guilt they feel from that by humiliating themselves with posts like this.

Why is the Police Chief in South Hadley letting this ridiculous woman call the shots? Why is she allowing her to make demands about who the police chaplain is and what he’s allowed to believe? To further illustrate just how crazy Chief Gunderson’s new boss is let’s looks at some of her Facebook postings.

Here she is complaining that she wasn’t arrested for looking at the moon because she’s white.

Black people always get arrested for looking at the moon.

Here she is not understanding how nature or Darwinism works.

Here she is giving her woke book report on the song “Wet Ass Pu$$y.”

  1. This just proves once again how hard she will pander to anyone who is black (and liberal). There is no way a menopausal white woman from South Hadley would ever not be disgusted by a song called “wet ass ps$$y,” but she’s pretending to embrace it because she feels like she has to because bootleg Nikki Minaj is black. She thinks so little of black people that she wrongfully assumes that this is an accurate representation of black culture, therefore she must not just accept it, but love it.
  2. The fact that she takes offense to the idea that women are “enculturated” into believing they should be financially dependent on a man, while she is admittedly financially dependent on a woman who looks strikingly like a man, is peak irony.

Lanette also had a son named Kyle who died from drug addiction. Perhaps if she didn’t waste time trying to make him “anti-racist,” and instead focused on the drug addiction that was killing him, he’d still be alive today.

It’s a real shame his white privilege couldn’t save him.

Kyle was also a rapper, and she recently shared a video of his favorite song, complete with the uncensored lyrics.

He’ll mind f*** you raw until he ejaculates in your ear.

This is the woman the Chief of Police in South Hadley is taking seriously.

Kyle’s poems are also in her new book, which you can purchase on her website. You’d be the first.

At the end of the day all this woman really amounts to being is the social justice warrior version of Josh Abrams. They both go around filming and harassing cops because they don’t like the police, but for different reasons. Lanette believes cops are blood thirsty racist killers because she’s been brainwashed by the media and is attempting to prove she’s one of the “good ones,” in order to overcompensate. Abrams hates the police because they arrested him for being a criminal and films them now because he realized there is a market for that via donos. But they both ultimately are trying to capitalize off anti-cop resentment that’s so prevalent and mainstream in our society, and no sane adult should take either one of them seriously.


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