Level 3 Sex Offender Is Working Construction Next To 2 Marlborough Schools And Hockey Rink 


The Marlborough Police posted about a Level 3 sex offender from Fall River who would be coming to town to work in the near future.

There’s just one problem though. The address listed where he would be working, 421 Bolton Street, is equidistant between Marlborough High School and Whitcomb Middle School, and directly next to Navin ice arena where tons of kids go to play hockey from all over the area.

What could possibly go wrong??

Just for the record, here’s what he got arrested for in 2012:

A 31-year-old city man arrested this week for rape of a child by force is being accused of carrying on a three-year, sexual relationship with the young daughter of a woman with whom he had been living. Police on Monday executed a warrant and arrested Sean Dodd, last known address 62 Jackson St. He was arraigned Wednesday in Taunton District Court and held on $5,000 cash bail. According to authorities, Dodd allegedly initiated the relationship three years ago when the girl was just 12, during which time he was living with the mother as her boyfriend. The sexual abuse also included the viewing of pornographic videos, police said.

The abuse continued up until the girl, by now 15, was convinced by her teenage boyfriend that what Dodd was doing was wrong. She also told police that Dodd, after being told that she would no longer agree to his advances, would lash out and hit her. One of those assaults involved a car in a driveway, an action for which Dodd was charged with two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. But despite being called out to the house to investigate those assault complaints, police said they were never informed that abuse of a sexual nature had been committed.

The fact that he’s even out of jail makes me sick to my stomach. He preyed on his girlfriend’s daughter. She didn’t realize she was a victim because she was so young that he manipulated her into believing that what he was doing to her was natural. He not only physically abused her, he psychologically abused her, and those scars don’t go away. She had to be told by her first real boyfriend that what this monster was doing to her was wrong, because she didn’t realize it. That’s how much control over her he had. And when she tried to get him to stop he lashed out and assaulted her.

The only reassuring part about this is that from the looks of him he won’t be able to see any teenage girls unless they’re standing on his nose.

People like this don’t get fixed. It’s just who they are. It’s a failure of our court system that you can be arrested for this in 2012 and free in 2019. But it’s an even bigger fault of the probation department that he would then be allowed to work right next door to two schools and a kid’s hockey rink. They’re building a $59 million retirement community, and apparently the contractor who hired him didn’t care that he’s a deviant who is classified as most likely to reoffend. I understand that these people have to work when they get out of jail, and hard labor like construction is one of their only options. But it should be common sense that convicted pedophiles aren’t allowed to work in such close proximity to that many kids. Especially when they’re the same age as the girl he victimized over, and over, and over again.


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