Lexington Police Chief, Town Manager Remove Thin Blue Line Flag From Memorial Honoring Lexington Cop Killed 53 Years Ago Because It’s A Symbol Of White Supremacy


This is former Lexington Police Officer James Hodgdon.


He was a military veteran who was killed in a car accident 53 years ago at the age of 23 while on duty. His two sons went on to become a State Police trooper and Captain in the Lowell Police Department.

In the center of town there is a memorial of Officer Hodgdon that his family visits every year and decorates with flowers and a small thin blue line flag to recognize the sacrifice that Hodgdon and thousands of other cops have made to keep towns like Lexington safe and livable.

This is Lexington Police Chief Mark Corr.

His father was the former Chief in Lexington and he’s been in law enforcement for nearly 40 years. Like many other police chiefs he is a political hack who feels that he must do whatever he can to please the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen that put him in his position in the first place and control the allocation of money that his department receives. And this summer that meant getting down on one knee and genuflecting in front of protesters holding signs that called police officers racist and demanded they be abolished, while representing a multi-billion dollar Marxist organization called “black lives matter” whose stated goals are to abolish jails, police, and the nuclear family.

Unsurprisingly this sort of cowardice did not change BLM’s opinion that the police must be defunded and/or abolished. Then again, police chiefs are really just politicians with badges, which is why you saw so many of them sell out their officers like this last June.

It should be noted that almost no one at that rally was black, since Lexington is just 1% black.

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Lexington is very expensive to live in, which often prices out people of color who can’t afford the inflated home prices. Lexington is far removed from any city with any sort of diversity, but is still close enough to places like Lowell, Lawrence, and Boston, so the white people who live there can access diverse places without having to actually embrace diversity.

The average home in Lexington is worth $889,700, and the median income is $186,201. Most residents of Lexington are unaffected by the pandemic, as their jobs in management, computer and mathematical occupations, engineering, architecture, and academia have enabled them to work from their overpriced homes. A 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2,200 square foot home in Lexington costs nearly $1.1 million.

Comparable homes in Lowell and Worcester cost less than half of that.

But if you live in Lowell or Worcester you have to send your kids to school with black and brown kids, and for a lot of people in Lexington it’s worth paying much more than their house is worth in order to avoid black and brown people. Every single person in this picture intentionally chooses to live exclusively amongst white people.

Never forget that.

They would like you to believe that they’re all really sad that a black guy they never met in Minnesota was killed by a cop while overdosing on fentanyl. Don’t ask them to name a single black child killed in Chicago by someone who wasn’t a cop though. Those black lives have never mattered to people like this because it doesn’t help them push their anti-cop agenda.

Because nobody had the guts to stand up to BLM over the summer they were allowed to make ridiculous demands that were met, which included making the thin blue line flag a symbol of racism and hatred. In towns like Hingham and neighboring Arlington town officials forced cops and firefighters to remove the thin blue line symbol, thus spitting in the faces of cops who were killed in the line of duty like James Hodgdon.

One of these people making that demand is Sean Osborne, one of the few black people who lives in Lexington, and the founder of the Association of Black Citizens of Lexington.

This organization is about as big as the Provincetown Straight Pride Committee.

Like many Lexington resident he works in engineering, owns his own company, and the success of his business has enabled him to live a comfortable, privileged life in a home that costs nearly $1 million. For his hard work he received the “black excellence award” last week (yes, that’s a thing).

Nevertheless, Sean Osborne is oppressed. Last month he wrote an email to town officials and the police chief which included a link to a Washington Post op-ed, telling them that “no one ever has any excuse for ever taking blue lives matter supporters seriously.” He demanded that no one ever praise the Lexington Police Department ever again, despite the fact that he cited no evidence that LPD was a problematic and racist department. He then demanded that town official acknowledge the existence of white supremacists and racists in the Lexington Police Department, without providing any evidence to back up his assertion.

Because Sean Osborne is wealthy, politically active, influential, and most importantly black, Chief Corr urged his officers to read the email but not respond and defend themselves from this baseless attack, rather than stand up for his employees who were baselessly labeled as white supremacists.

Chief Corr is a coward who would gladly sell out any of his officers if it meant keeping his job.

It should be noted that in 2012, this ultra-progressive town backed Chief Corr and called a woman a liar for coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Lexington officials have prepared a response to a Bedford woman’s allegation that sexual harassment by Police Chief Mark Corr drove her to quit her job with the department. Susan Costa, 51, who worked as a civilian account clerk in the department until November, filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in February that said the chief had repeatedly rubbed her shoulders and made sexual comments around her and about her to others.

“We’re completely backing the chief,’’ said Town Manager Carl Valente, with the town filing its response to the state anti-discrimination agency on Friday.

Costa said she had confronted the chief in 2009, but the harassment continued until finally she felt she had to quit because it was making her so stressed.

“I just needed to get out of there,’’ Costa, who remains unemployed and is looking for a job, said in an interview. “I was ready to fall to pieces.’’

This is a town where the overwhelming majority of people thought Brett Kavanaugh was disqualified from serving on the Supreme Court over an unsubstantiated claim of sexual assault 35 years ago. According to people we spoke with the Chief is still “a bit handsy,” and has bragged in front of officers that he got away with the sexual harassment allegations.

This is Lexington Town Manager James Malloy.

While police and firefighters have gone to work every day during the pandemic, Malloy and his employees have been working from home. In a December email to all town employees he urged them to join him for happy hour on Zoom, as residents of Lexington go without services they pay taxes for, because he’s afraid of contracting a virus that has almost no chance of killing him.

Like Chief Corr, Jim Malloy was appointed by the Board of Selectmen and must please them in order to keep his job. In Lexington that means bowing to black lives matter. When a BLM activist contacted him about the thin blue line flag outside the memorial for Officer Hodgdon, Malloy then contacted Chief Corr to have the flag removed immediately. According to sources Chief Corr then “immediately, without hesitation, made his to the front of the station, frantically asking officers and staff if there was any thin blue line apparel at the front of the station.” Because standing up for your officers takes guts, whereas selling them out to a hate group like BLM is easy.

To make matters worse, Chief Corr flaunted, in front of numerous officers, supervisors and civilian staff, the removed thin blue line flag, by carrying it around the station for several hours, trying to explain his reasoning for removing it. The following days he also gave his excuses and reasons why he did it, which included “the town managers orders are lawful.”  He advised supervisors to direct their officers to remove any thin blue line apparel from the station and also possibly from their personal vehicles, as the town manager would be conducting a walk-through of the station to ensure no thin blue line flags are visible. Officers, supervisors, and higher staff members we spoke with are outraged, and understandably so.

The surviving family of Officer Hodgdon recently caught wind of this news and were furious, as they were the ones who placed the thin blue line flag there. Here’s the response they received from Town Manager Jim Malloy.

Malloy personally removed the flag and gave it to Chief Corr so he could parade it through headquarters like a severed head of a vanquished enemy.

The excuse that the thin blue line symbol was “co-opted by white supremacists,” and all of a sudden has “dual meaning” is complete rubbish. If flags and symbols can get “co-opted” because bad people start using them, then you could do the same with the gay pride flag, American flag, Star of David, crucifix, or any other symbol. It’s absurd for grown adults to suggest that symbols can have their meanings changed based on who displays it, but in reality they don’t actually mean it. They just fear BLM and are looking for any reason they can to appease them. It’s easier to give Sean Osborne what he wants and sell out your officers than it is to be smeared as a racist in a Boston Globe hit piece for failing to do so.

He also said in the email that they stopped building the new police station because of “what has happened nationally regarding police departments and the black/brown community.” Instead of using taxpayer money to create something that can be used to help serve the taxpayers, Manager Malloy is focusing on the “national issue” of police brutality. Whatever that means. The concerns of the citizens of Minneapolis are more pressing to him than the concerns of the people of Lexington.

Many went and put thin blue line flags on the memorial after finding out the flag the family left had been removed.

But they were quickly removed.

Finally Chief Corr weighed in, giving the excuse that the flag was removed because it was battered, and explaining that he had to give into the demands of local leaders in order for them to give him a new police station. He also said that the flag was “usurped by ignorant people.”

But the flag’s meaning wasn’t usurped by anyone except BLM activists who arbitrarily gave it new meaning because they don’t like the idea of any dead person being honored unless they were black and killed by cops.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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