Local Woman Upset That Quincy Police Did Not Thank Her For Donated Gift Cards, Will No Longer Be Donating In The Future


A Quincy woman who claims to have donated more $1,000 in gift cards to the Quincy Police is quite upset that she never received a thank you and decided to post about it yesterday on a community Facebook page.

Well that settles that. She has an “inside source,” who tells her that the QPD is bored and looking for things to do while at work, yet they can’t take a few minutes out of their day to get down on their knees and thank her for the gift card to Applebees? Talk about ungrateful!

This is the kind of woman who donates for the praise, not because she wants to help. It’s one thing to be this petty about not getting a thank you (if she really did this), it’s another thing to post it on a community Facebook group. If I donated a thousand dollars to someone I’d definitely be expecting a thank you. If I didn’t get it I’d be pissed and I’d probably complain to my wife about it, but it would stop there. What I wouldn’t do is make myself look like Captain Queef by attempting to shame them for not being grateful on a community Facebook group.

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She also donated to “medical care providers” because she’s basically Jesus Christ with a beehive haircut.


But at least they had the dignity to call her and thank her for making sure they didn’t starve to death during this crisis.

I have to be honest, donating to the police sounds like a very stupid idea, and serves no purpose. The cops don’t need your donations because they already have them. It’s called taxes. They make a salary while millions of American are currently unemployed or lost their businesses. They’ll be fine without your charity.

Some people actually felt bad for her.

But others called her out on her shenanigans.

Even that lunatic Klancy Cole from the Bristol Crew who tried to get a harassment order against me joined in.

Nevertheless she just kept on commenting anyway.

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What do you call a woman like this? She’s not really a Karen because she’s not narcing on an innocent person minding their own business. She’s crapping on someone for not publicly thanking her because they saved money at Chili’s. We need a name for this new emerging commie cold type individual.


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