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Lorrayna Calle Was Arrested By Worcester Police Yesterday After Violating Restraining Order By Harassing Spencer Woman 


We received word this morning that abusive stepmother Lorrayna Calle was arrested last night after a warrant was issued for her arrest. She texted this to a Spencer woman who has a restraining order out against her in East Brookfiled District Court using a burner phone.

Lorrayna has been harassing this woman for quite some time now and frequently contacts her anyway, because up until the publicity we’ve given to Lorrayna there have been no consequences. The woman who received this text message alerted Spencer PD who alerted Worcester PD and had the warrant issued. I should’ve known something was up when I didn’t get a text from her over the last 24 hours.

The victim had posted earlier in the day on Facebook about a package being stolen from her walkway. Lorrayna couldn’t have done it because she has an ankle bracelet on and is confined to home arrest, but she clearly saw it and wanted to torment and taunt her victim. She did it because she’s been getting away with it for so long, but those days are now over. Lorrayna thought it would be wise to poke the turtle and attempt to use us as a weapon, a decision she is likely regretting now. I will make it my life goal to do whatever it takes to prevent her from seeing her children again. Hopefully Claudio likes raising four kids, two of which are not his, by himself. Perhaps the heroin proceeds will pay for their new clothes.

DCF should be visiting them after the manner in which Lorrayna was arrested last night. Claudio answered the door at their 270 Sunderland Road apartment and as did what he always does – told the police Lorrayna wasn’t there. But he forgot that she had an ankle bracelet on, and had she left the apartment it would’ve not only pinged, but also would’ve been admittance that she violated another court order. WPD threatened to knock the door down and Claudio quickly opened it up for them. Sources tell us that the warrant is non-bailable, so there’s a good chance she’ll be getting a free ride to her next court day on December 5 in shackles, courtesy of the taxpayers.

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