Lowell Mother Claims Innocence, Blames Media And Police After Arrest For Selling Cocaine With 7 Year Old Child In Backseat, Still Has Child


Lowell SunPolice arrested a Lowell woman on charges of selling cocaine from her car while her 7-year-old child was inside the vehicle, authorities say. Amanda L. Ingalls, 29, was spotted selling the drug at the Ames Hill apartment complex on Sunday while detectives investigated drug activity in the area, according to a Tewksbury Police Department press release. Police witnessed Ingalls drive her car up to 36-year-old Sean P. Rea, of Tewksbury, where police claim she sold him cocaine. The pair were stopped by police and cocaine was found, police said. Since Ingalls had her 7-year-old in the vehicle at the time of the alleged drug transaction, the Department of Children and Families were notified, according to police. Police charged Ingalls with distribution of a Class B substance, while Rea was charged with possession of a Class B substance.

Why hire a sitter for your kid when you can just bring them with you while selling cocaine to dope fiends? That’s Lowell parenting 101 right there. Perhaps in the future she should stick to selling bottles of Hennessy for 3 AM “afty” parties.

Ya know, because your kid is asleep at 3 AM, and Hennessy, despite being the official nectar of cocaine dealers everywhere, isn’t an illegal narcotic.

Most people arrested for a crime like this would bow their heads in shame. But this is Lowell, and as you can see from Ms. Ingalls smiling mugshot, this arrest means very little to her. People who smile for mugshots have been described by SSTG as the “most ratchet of the ratchet.” The news can pick and choose whose arrest reports get publicized. If you smile for your mugshot your odds greatly increase.

According to the Lowell Henny Goblin, she’s not only innocent, but also still has custody of her children, and both the Lowell Sun and Lowell Police are “salty af” for thinking this is a big deal.

Good thing DCF was “notified.” Now they can proceed to taking no action and allowing this child to remain in the custody of his drug dealing mother, who has obviously learned nothing from this experience. Like I said, most people would take a break from social media after such an embarrassing arrest. Amanda Ingalls decided to post about some of her favorite things instead.

I’m not even going to post some of the other stuff she’s posted, because quite frankly it would probably get us blacklisted by Google AdSense. Feel free to view them on TBS by clicking here, and remember that someone calls this human being “Mom.”

You might as well buy your kid a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat for his birthday, because his life is predestined at this point.

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