Poor Behavior

Lowell Parents Oversee Gutter Fight Between 11 Year Old Daughter And Other Girl Whose Mother Makes Wild Allegations On Facebook


This is Nicole Jemery from Lowell.

She’s a local Mom with some Google trophies for destruction of property.

Hillary Bangs here is really concerned about her daughter and claims she was victimized by a rival hoochie momma in training, along with the girl’s parents Javier Baez and Shauna Consaul.

Javier seems like quite a catch himself.

Voke-stache, Giannetti chain, and sticker still on flat brimmed hat. Take a wild guess who his favorite sportball team is.

Flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat.

Every. Single. Time.

Mom seems likely a classy lass herself.

If Backpage had a mascot.

Jennifer blamed Javi for orchestrating the fight and claimed that she dropped gimpy 11 year old daughter with a broken leg off at the park, when out of nowhere she was jumped by a group of girls for no reason. Of course this isn’t how things happen in real life and the video shows that her daughter was an equal combatant while Javi and Shauna refereed and encouraged them to fight.

As you can see, her daughter engaged in a 1 on 1 fight where she ended up on the ground getting punched in the head repeatedly.

She refused to let go of the other girl’s hair, choosing to use the hoodrat helicopter defense technique instead, before Javi (the other girl’s father) pulled them apart and lost his flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat in the process.

Man down!

Flirty Sanchez warned Jennifer’s daughter not to mess with the offspring he’s clearly done a fine job raising.

After these two children rolled around in the literal gutters of Lowell, festooning in hooker juices and broken dreams while crushing each other’s skulls, their primary concern was making sure they kept their masks on.

Wouldn’t wanna catch coronavirus. That’s dangerous to children, unlike concussions and brain damage.

Instead of breaking it up Javi instructed all the other kids to “let her go” so the two could fight again.

He then likely realized what a bad look it was to be seen on film orchestrating a street fight between children and ordered the girl filming to put the camera away.

He forgot to tell her not to put it on Facebook though.

In conclusion, both of the parents in this situation are equally as ratchet. Anyone who finds out their kid has been in a recorded brawl and posts the video for it on Facebook is a horrible mother. Nicole lied about her daughter having a broken leg before arriving (she couldn’t fight like that with a broken leg), getting jumped by other girls, and getting hit by Heavy Javi. Her daughter got into a fight, most likely because she grew up being raised by trash and is now modeling their behavior. She’s certainly not a victim. On the other hand Heavy Javi is definitely as bad as she said for not getting his daughter out of there, and allowing them to fight. The fact that his biggest concern wasn’t that these kids were fighting in broad daylight, but rather that it was being filmed, tells me that this probably isn’t the last we’ve seen or heard from anyone involved in this video.


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