Lowell Rapper Who Stabbed Baby Momma 58 Times Denied Being Father On Facebook, Rachael Rollins Let Him Out Of Jail Despite Gun Charges


WHDHA Lowell man has been ordered held without bail after prosecutors say he fatally stabbed a young mother 58 times in Lowell on Thanksgiving. Leonard D. Robinson, 22, of Lowell, appeared in Lowell District Court on Tuesday to face a murder charge in connection with the death of Dejah Jenkins-Minus, 22 of Boston, according to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office. When Jenkins-Minus did not show up to a Thanksgiving gathering in Boston on Thursday, her family pinged her phone and discovered it at a home on Llewelyn Street in Lowell where Robinson, identified as her on-again/off-again boyfriend, lived, the prosecution said in court. Her family called the police for a welfare check.

One family member went to the Lowell house and crawled through a window, where they kicked down a locked bedroom door and found Jenkins-Minus dead inside, the prosecution said. Officers responded to the house and discovered that Jenkins-Minus had more than 58 stab wounds and a fractured neck, the prosecution added. 

“This was a tragic death that was caused by him on Thanksgiving Day,” said Middlesex County Assistant District Attorney Thomas Brant.

Jenkins-Minus’ 2-month-old daughter was found unharmed, the DA’s office said.

Tests reportedly confirmed that blood was present on the baby’s diaper bag.

Officers also reportedly recovered a knife that appeared to be consistent with the murder weapon from the residence after executing a search warrant on Friday. Prosecutors suggested the violence may have been prompted by questions regarding the child’s paternity.

“Social media posts by the defendant questioning whether he was the father of the child, questioning whether he should have a DNA test and also suggesting he was mad at Dejah,” Brant said. “And I would suggest providing a motive for why there would be anger.”

As prosecutors described the scene in graphic detail, the victim’s family looked on in grief and disbelief.

“Dejah was a great daughter, sister, mother, niece, cousin, granddaughter and a friend,” they wrote in a statement to 7NEWS. “We’re all hurting and in pain! We all want justice for Dejah and her baby as well!”

Robinson had a GPS monitor on from a previous incident in Suffolk County but he had cut it off at some point, the prosecution said.

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Read the last sentence again:

“Robinson had a GPS monitor on from a previous incident in Suffolk County but he had cut it off at some point, the prosecution said.”

When you’re arrested for a violent crime in Rachael Rollins’ county you can just cut off your ankle bracelet and go murder a woman. They won’t look for you, nor do they care that your tracking device was removed, because Rollins is a little busy involving herself in the Mikayla Miller lynching hoax, crying about racist emojis on iPhones, and using her office to prosecute citizens who heckle her at press conferences.

During that incident last year both the murderer and his victim were arrested:

State Police arrested two people after pulling over a vehicle for missing a license plate in Charlestown. According to the Massachusetts State Police, a trooper pulled over the vehicle Sunday at around 1:20 a.m. when he observed a Kia Forte missing a license plate. When the trooper checked the registration, the RMV revealed it was revoked and uninsured. The vehicle then had to be towed. During a search of the vehicle, Trooper Rami found a loaded Walther PK .380 pistol on the floor in the passenger area. The driver, identified as 21-year-old Dejah Jenkins-Minus of Boston, and the passenger 21-year-old Leonard Robinson of Dorchester didn’t have a license to carry firearms. Both individuals were arrested and brought to the Tunnels Barracks. Bail was set at $10,000 for Jenkins-Minus and $100,000 for Robinson.

Dejah Jenkins-Minus is charges with the following:

  1. Unlawful Possession of a Firearm
  2. Carrying a Loaded Firearm
  3. Improper Storage of a Firearm
  4. Possession of Ammunition without FID Card
  5. Possession of Firearm without FID Card
  6. Operating Motor Vehicle with Revoked Registration
  7. Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle
  8. License Plate Violation

Leonard Robinson is charged with the following:

  1. Unlawful Possession of a Firearm
  2. Carrying a Loaded Firearm
  3. Improper Storage of a Firearm
  4. Possession of a Firearm with Three Prior Violent Crime Convictions
  5. Possession of Ammunition without FID Card
  6. Possession of Firearm without FID Card

So she’s no saint herself, and she obviously had horrible choice in men. It wasn’t her gun, yet she still chose to let this man impregnate her after the fact, instead of finding a man who wasn’t into gangsta life. But that doesn’t mean she deserved to be gutted like a fish because this waste of space baselessly accused her of getting impregnated by someone else. Either way, he was a violent, gun toting felon and he never should’ve been out of jail in the first place.

She frequently posted about him being in jail, and in April said he should be freed.

When free muh boi goes wrong.

He should’ve remained behind bars, but liberals think that being weak on crime is something that will make our society a better place, so this is what you voted for. A young black mother is dead because of the party that pretends to care about women and minorities.

Like clockwork, MC Baby Momma Drama is an aspiring rapper who goes by PoleBoy D Rose, makes music glorifying gun violence, and wrote “free gang” in his Facebook profile.



He once acquired $140.

Women could stop men from acting like this if they all agreed to just stop having sex with anyone pursuing a rap career or riding around with unregistered guns in their car. If men weren’t rewarded with sex for acting like this then they’d change the way they behaved.

Shortly before killing her he posted about how he wanted a DNA test, accusing her of getting plowed by more than one n word. He said he wasn’t going to “play daddy,” and that if she was going to call him out for being a deadbeat on social media “adlease” tell the full story.

“When that n word don’t want you no more you ain’t and you shouldn’t have the time to be chasing after the n word.”

Yea, maybe women should stop having sex with men like this. This isn’t victim blaming either, it’s keeping it real. A guy like this doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a complete scumbag who no rational person would ever want to be the father of their children. Again, this is not to blame her for this, she is the victim. But you greatly increase your chances of being a single mother, or ending up the victim of a crime if you make a baby with a guy who calls himself PoleBoy.

His posts were apparently in response to hers.


But he played the loving father on Facebook anyway.

This animal might not even go away for the rest of his life now, thanks to the bill that State Rep Liz Miranda is pushing that would eliminate life without parole. Keep voting for people like this and don’t be surprised when your society turns to shit.


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