Lowell Wendy’s Employee Who Got In Fight At Work Is Same Woman From Salisbury Beach Fight Video Last May


Several turtle riders sent in a World Star tryout video from the Wendy’s on Chelmsford Street in Lowell that was filmed last year but recently was making the rounds on Reddit. I know it’s old, but bare with me because I’m going somewhere with this. Watch the video first:

I understand that this was probably over something really important, like who spoke ill of whom on Snapchat, who stole whose food stamps, or who gave herpes to whose baby daddy first. But fighting someone at work is a violation of Ratchet Code. I know that jobs are rare for sewer guppies like this in Lowell, but the workplace should be off limits for settling scores. Whatever the employee did to upset Frosty Francine must’ve been really bad because this upstanding citizen had no intention of allowing a silly counter get in her way of vengeance.

When it became clear that things were about to escalate and the spicy chicken nuggets would soon be covered in dollar store hairspray and hoop earrings, Pony Tail Pedro decided it was time to take out the trash.

Unfortunately Frosty Francine got ahold of the employee’s hair on the way out, which is the only method of fighting that creatures like this know how to do.

Once they get your hair they put you in the hoodrat helicopter and it’s impossible to escape, so the employee had to pull hair back, leading to a GED orgy in the hallway.

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Does this look like a woman who hasn’t gotten carried out of a fast food restaurant with her hair being pulled before?

Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonald’s, and especially Popeyes. She’s fought part time workers in all of them.

The employee’s primary concern was making sure the video was sent to her afterwards so that she could revel in the glory of 20 seconds of hair pulling and general guttermuppetry.

This video was filmed April 7, 2020. I perused the comments and noticed that they named the Wendy’s employee – Isis Dominguez. I knew that name sounded familiar, as even in Lowell it’s not every day you find someone named after a terrorist organization, so I gave her a Google and guess what came up first? TB Daily News. Turns out this employee was the infamous San Juan Sandy, a 3 seed in this year’s ratchet madness tournament who was featured in a blog on May 30, 2020 after getting in a fight with another ratchet while holding her small dog at Salisbury Beach.

I knew she looked familiar.

This video was less than two months after the Wendy’s video. Almost as if San Juan Sandy has a bit of a habit for attracting drama. There isn’t a hoochy momma from Haverhill to Hopkinton whose hair she hasn’t pulled before.

According to San Juan Sandy after the Salisbury Beach fight she was embarrassed and ashamed, but had no choice but to fight because she “ain’t no punk b****.”

So embarrassed that she asks the people filming her fighting to send her the video afterwards. Again, this was 7 weeks after she was already World Star famous for the Wendy’s fight. If you can’t go out in public without every teen mom within a 20 mile radius wanting to fight you then you’re probably not as innocent as you present yourself to be. Just sayin.

I’m sure Isis is really embarrassed though. It’s not like this is the kind of chick who posts on Facebook that she “aint no cock block” because she “let my b**** get d*** right next to me as I watched Netflix.”

Hopefully for society’s sake she’s into Netflix and the pill, because I think we can all agree that the world is a better place is San Juan Sandy doesn’t reproduce.


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