Lucioso’s Pub In Plymouth Gets Attacked With Fraudulent Reviews, Calls To Board Of Health Over Satirical “Let’s Go Brandon” 50 Cent Fee


Lucioso’s Pub in downtown Plymouth is a popular spot that serves pub food and good spirits.

Like many businesses, they’ve been taking it up the poop shoot the last few years from the government after they were forcefully shut down due to COVID, and now must bear the costs of the government spending spree by paying more for everything thanks to inflation. Consequently they’ve had to raise prices (like everyone), except they did it with a comical “Let’s Go Brandon” fee added to the tab.

Sure, they could’ve just increased the prices of everything, but this is making light of it with a 50 cent Let’s Go Brandon fee is more funny.

However,¬†some people don’t think it’s very funny at all. As it turns out you’re not allowed to make jokes about the President of the United States unless his name is Donald Trump. Yesterday a post about this went viral on Reddit, and the anonymous beta cucks who frequent that website began to bombard Locioso’s with fraudulent bad reviews.


Oh no, the “my stepdad Jeff drank all the Mountain Dew and now I’m goth because I’m mad at the world” people from North Carolina won’t be getting dinner and drinks there!

Hope they survive.

Of course none of these people actually went there, and if a restaurant had an “orange man bad” fee not a single one of them would be complaining.

I get it though, when businesses choose to make political statements, even if they’re jokes, they’re gonna piss people off. But for the last few years every major corporation in this country has pledged allegiance to BLM and the transgender mafia, and we kept on buying their products, so I really just don’t wanna hear it from these people. They demanded that Netflix and Ronald McDonald put out statements about systemic racism instead of selling movies and cheeseburgers, so now this is the culture they get.

But this right here is a bridge too far:

Weaponizing the board of health because your admittedly fraudulent reviews failed to shut down a privately owned business that you can just not go to, and all because you’re butthurt and sensitive about a joke mocking the most powerful person in the world, is exactly what I’d expect from someone who has to wake up every day and look like this.

Spencer Dessent also appears to be living in Maine, and this fee has been on the receipts for months without anyone saying anything, so I don’t think that anyone who says they’re not going there anymore has been there at all to begin with.

I just don’t get the anger. This woman said it best:

The economy is horrible right now, everything costs twice as much as it did 2 years ago, and you look like an idiot trying to defend our dementia patient President and Vice President Dome. All you can do is laugh and make jokes about it, which is what this restaurant is choosing to do. But for some reason these people are so protective of Joe Biden’s feelings that they won’t allow it. It’s bizarre.

Some may say this is a bad business move, but making yourself a target of online communist mobs who had no intention of giving you their business to begin with is a great way to get normal people to give you their business. If I lived anywhere near Plymouth I’d be there tonight.



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