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Ludlow Woman Alleges Chicopee Salon Fired Her After Reporting Rape That Occurred At Salon, Starts $5,000 GoFundMe, Many Questions Unanswered 


If you’re going to start a fundraiser it is incumbent upon you to make sure that everything is documented so that people know they are donating to a legitimate cause. Too often this doesn’t happen on GoFundMe. Take for example this $5,000 fundraiser that a Ludlow woman named Cynthia Tovet started recently, because she claims reporting her sexual assault got her fired from her job as a hairdresser in Chicopee.


  • She worked at a salon in Chicopee
  • In between clients she went to Cumby’s, saw a tall guy there who acted polite to her at first but then started being creepy by staring at her and eventually asking her out, at which time he was rejected because she’s married.
  • She told him her name and where she works, but says she did so because she’s “stupid.”
  • She went back to the salon, finished with a client, and then the creepy tall man showed up, tried to hug and kiss her, forced her into a salon chair, wouldn’t let her stand up, began to remove his pants while she’s kicking and screaming “NO,” she grabbed scissors presumably to stab him, and then he suddenly stopped raping her and said, “Don’t worry baby, next time will be so much more fun, our future is going to be great”
  • She was emotionally damaged but continued her shift, went home, told her hubby what happened, and they filed a police report
  • When she told her boss about this her boss didn’t believe her because the boss said it’s not possible while also stating that she is going to fire her because the rapist might come back if she stayed and that would presumably be bad for business
  • The boss, who she also claims suggested the rape story wasn’t possible, then victim blamed by her telling her that she must known him and likely “asked for this in some way”
  • Now she’s jobless and needs $5,000

I highly doubt any of this happened for several reasons.

  1. Her boss would have to be the most sinister villain of all time if she truly believed this woman had a rapist stalking her and fired her because it would be bad for business if the rapist showed up.
  2. Cumberland Farms is crawling with cameras, and the police likely would be able to identify the rapist within minutes, if she really filed a report with the Chicopee Police
  3. The salon itself isn’t named. It’s the duty of anyone with a GoFundMe to present all relevant information so that people can verify your story before donating. Why wouldn’t she name the place that allegedly was so cruel and uncaring to her? Unless of course she was worried that this would give the salon a chance to deny her claim.
  4. Odds are the salon probably has cameras too, which would mean the entire thing was caught on tape and the owner would never have been able to initially deny her story, and would’ve handed over the tapes to the police.
  5. Our sources tell us the salon is Surface in Chicopee. If they’d like to clear this up I think that would be great, because this woman is capitalizing off of the idea that their salon blames rape victims who get raped in their salon, and then fires them.
  6. Our sources also tell us that she was either fired from or was laid off at To Dye For in Easthampton, possibly for theft, and does stuff like this frequently.

This is what we call the Kavanaugh-Industrial Complex. She’s playing the “believe women” card heavy, even though this story isn’t even remotely believable, and now she’s profiting off of it. We tried reaching out to her early in the week to comment before publishing this story, but she has ignored our efforts.

For the record, the behavior she describes immediately after the sexual assault are consistent with other rape survivors. But the fact of the matter is that if it really did happen then the man likely would be identified by now, and this would be in the news.

The bottom line is, if you have a GoFundMe then it’s up to you to make sure everything can be documented. Show us the police report and give us the name of the woman who allegedly fired you after being raped so we can speak with her too. Until then this is the shadiest story ever and it’s up to you to prove that it’s legit.


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