Ludlow Woman Violates Probation By Continuing To Scam Diabetic People She Targets From Facebook Support Groups


In April I published a blog about a Ludlow woman named Angela Bracci who was:

  • scamming people in diabetic Facebook groups by pretending the daughter she doesn’t have custody of had cancer
  • lying about needing money for prenatal care (because she was pregnant again)
  • using this story to guilt people into buying diabetic equipment she didn’t have
  • blocking her victims after receiving the money
  • pretending that her Mom was running her social media accounts
  • making up lies about being in a car accident to avoid creditors
  • spending that money on heroin.

She’s then since given birth, and one can only hope the DCF Fairy snatched up welfare credit #2 as soon as she breathed fresh air for the first time.

The thing about people like Angela though, is that they never learn their lesson. And in the last week or two it’s been clear that she’s up to her old tricks, as the TB Daily News blog on her has been shared far and wide in diabetic Facebook groups. It starts with a post like this:

Generally you shouldn’t buy insulin on Facebook, but if they’re just giving it away you might as well get in on it. However, a post like this is like a dinner bell for a scammer like Angela Bracci.

There she is. Unfortunately for her, and thanks to the power of Google and Turtleboy, she was quickly discovered and took down her Facebook page.

But she has scammed a lot of people from all over the country, who once again came together to share their stories.

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She uses multiple Facebook accounts in order to infiltrate and target Diabetic groups, which is quite possibly the most particular and random group of people for a scammer to target. It’s also extremely deranged and this gutter slug needs to be in jail. According to one commenter she is on probation from previous charges, and her PO is Maura O’Neil, who can be reached at [email protected]

Feel free to send her a link to this to let her know what this dumpster maggot has been up to.


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