Lynda Andino Vows Revenge On Turtleboy After She Faces Universal Condemnation For False Police Report, Is Worse Than We First Imagined

Angry about her illegal attempts to shut down the GRC being rebuked, Lynda vows to shut us down. Here's everything you never wanted to know about the woman who will take down Turtleboy.


Last week we had a run-in with resident lunatic and professional meddler, Lynda Andino, after we discovered she had misled the MSPCA and police in a reprehensible attempt to force the Gan Rivkah center in Milford, MA closed. Now, she’s threatening us, and I’ve got plenty of reasons why she doesn’t intimidate us at all. You can read my more colorful analysis of the situation on Turtleboy, or just stay with me here for the version you can read to your grandma, provided she doesn’t look like this.

She then became upset when we didn’t praise her endlessly for her heroic actions, instead finding herself at the receiving end of universal condemnation and ridicule.  If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you listen to the hour long phone call she subjected us all to over this past weekend, where she essentially just lies like a dirty, beat-up, discount carpet and insists she did not in fact file a false police report.

Spoiler alert: she definitely did.

And admitted it to a ton of people on the internet.

More than once.

That’s sane.  If you sit around collecting your social security check while you roll cigarettes, smoke blunts and plot to file false police reports, you may need to reevaluate  your life.

Now she has essentially declared war on Turtleboy, and she’s not playing around. We apparently haven’t gotten up early enough in the morning to “f*** with her”, even though I’m pretty sure that qualifies as just before 1pm.

And of course, she’s going to sue us…and win!

She even called the DEA, you guys.

We’re finished, and this is who is going to do us in.

I’m not that worried though, because upon closer inspection, Lynda’s life makes me feel sort of sad inside. Not enough not to share it with you, just enough to be extremely grateful that I’m not her.

Let’s start with the little issue of Lynda’s own living standards, shall we? Sure, she was outwardly vehemently opposed to living conditions and financials at the Gan Rivkah center, but as it turns out, Lynda has no business criticizing anyone else’s life, because hers is a literal mess. Take her eviction record, for instance.

Whoops, sorry to ruin your slam-dunk lawsuit, Lynda, but yes – you were evicted. Multiple times. In two states.

Pathological liar, Lynda. Look it up. Oh, and Lynda can probably tell you a thing or two about substandard, deplorable living conditions like the ones she’s been wailing and moaning about over at Gan Rivkah….

….Mainly, because she has done much, much worse. The Blackstone house of horrors is the only other home I have ever heard of that was so filthy it needed to be demolished.. And for the record, yes – it all checks out. The house really had to be torn down because Lynda can’t figure out how to clean up the squalor she left her own son and pets in.

Not the first home she’s left in deplorable filth, either. We have it on good authority from several different sources.

Lynda also expressed a lot of concern for the animals trapped inside the Gan Rivkah Center. Which is more concern for the animals she owns/neglects. On top of leaving them to rot in their own filth and excrement, she doesn’t even bother vaccinating them or making sure they’re licensed.

There’s also that time that she harbored her fugitive daughter in Maine, after she kidnapped her young child from a supervised visit while in DCF custody.

Telegram: “A woman who allegedly kidnapped her 1-year-old daughter in 2004 and fled to Maine was arrested in town Wednesday morning by state and local police and federal marshals. Licia Andino, 20, of 603 Main St., Apt. 4, was arrested on a warrant charge of custodial interference stemming from the 2004 incident. She is employed at Dozen Donuts in the Mobil station at 712 Main St.

According to Clinton District Court records, Ms. Andino went to 74 Lakeside Ave. on Aug. 21, 2004, for a supervised visit with her daughter, who was in the custody of the state Department of Social Services and living at a foster home. Ms. Andino, who is nine months pregnant, police said, allegedly abducted the child during the visit and fled to her grandmother’s house in Augusta, Maine.

She was arraigned Wednesday in Clinton District Court and released on personal recognizance, with her case continued to Feb. 13. Ms. Andino’s grandmother, Linda M. Andino, was in court with her. It was unclear who has custody of the daughter, who is now 4.”

No defenseless creature is safe under Lynda’s “care.”

Help me!

Lynda also repeatedly referred to me as a “junkie”, which I regret to inform you is patently untrue. Swing and a miss, just more screed from a barely coherent pathological liar.

She does seem to know a thing or two about “junkies”, however, as her entire life seems to revolve around smoking herself into a useless stupor,


And she is a confirmed informant, AKA, a “rat”.

Being an informant doesn’t make you skilled, smart, or important, Lynda. It makes you a garbage human being with less of a backbone than the rest of the garbage human beings you bum around with. Oh, and there’s this:

If your idea of “working for the government” involves nothing more than diming out half your social circle, and you complain in public that all your friends are currently on heroin, you’re really not threat to us.



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