Lynn City Councilor Charged With Animal Cruelty As Result Of Our Blog Showing Him Kicking Cat Off Porch, Witnesses Say He Abused Animals For Years Because They Have No Soul


In October we published a story about Lynn City Councillor Wayne Lozzi after he was caught on video kicking a cat off his porch in his underpants.

His own son also made troubling allegations that this wasn’t the first time Councilor Lozzi abused animals or his own children.

Shortly afterwards Lozzi issued a statement saying that his son has “issues,” and that he was protecting his indoor cat from a stray cat that was attacking it. But in the video his cat was outside, and remained outside after he booted the other cat. He did nothing to make sure his cat was OK, or that the stray cat had gone away.

He said that he would not be talking any more about the incident and has carried on life as a City Councillor.

Last week Lozzi was arraigned on charges of animal cruelty, and our story was credited in the police report for being the catalyst. When contacted by police in October Lozzi repeated the same story he posted on Facebook about protecting his cat from a stray.

Lozzi told him to contact his neighbor Don Marshall, who would corroborate his story that the stray cat was a menace. Except when police questioned Marshall he told them that he doesn’t have a cat, and the only problematic cat in the neighborhood is Lozzi’s, because it attacks birds when it’s in heat.

Police spoke with Lozzi’s son who made the comments on Facebook and he told them that his father got two cats in October of 2020 named Marjorie and Lilith. Marjorie was the cat in the video, and Lilith had gone missing sometime the year before. According to the son, Councilor Lozzi had previously kicked Lilith into a wall after catching the cat in his marijuana plants. He told his son that it was OK because cats have no souls. Lilith hid for days as a result and wouldn’t let anyone touch her after she came out. One day Lilith just disappeared and Councilor Lozzi said that a hawk must have eaten her, which makes no sense because Lilith was an indoor cat. His son also told police that they “snuffed out” kittens when there were too many in a litter.

His son told police that he had witnessed his father throw and hit the family dog until it urinated in order to train it. This story was corroborated by a former neighbor named Hayley Mah, who witnessed the abuse. The dog reportedly only saw a vet when it was euthanized. When his son tried to get the cats fixed in order to prevent his father from breeding her, Councilor Lozzi applied for a restraining order.

Lozzi hasn’t said anything about this except that the charges are false:

On his charge, Lozzi said that he was confident he will be exonerated.

“I’m actually glad that it came to this point because there have been false allegations against me, and on social media,” Lozzi said.

You’re glad that you were charged with a crime? You’re glad that there’s a video of you kicking and abusing a cat in your underpants?

Wayne Lozzi is a psychopath who has abused animals for years and justifies it because they have no soul. His children and neighbors have seen him do it. The neighbor he thought would corroborate his story did the opposite. His cat Lilith is probably dead and there’s good reason to believe he had something to do with it given his history of animal abuse and the nonsensical story he told explaining the cat’s disappearance.

And yet Wayne Lozzi contineus to put on a shirt and tie and go to City Council meetings like none of this happened. My question is, why is no one else on the City Council saying anything about Wayne Lozzi? Feel free to email and ask them why this demented, serial animal abuser is allowed to carry on like he’s some sort of community leader. Their emails are below:

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],  [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

P.S. Why does Wayne Lozzi have a hotmail address when he’s required to have an official City of Lynn email that can be accessed by city officials for public records requests?



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