Lynn Classical 9th Graders Wiretap Their Teacher While Taking Sadistic Pleasure Driving Her Into Mental Breakdown


A disturbing video from a 9th grade classroom at Lynn Classical High School showing a teacher having a mental breakdown has been making the rounds today on social media.

When I first saw this video my first reaction was probably what most of you were thinking – that woman has no business teaching. She literally was screaming “I hate you all” by the end of the video. As a former teacher I can confirm that we all have bad days, and sometimes the kids can drive you nuts. But it’s up to the teacher to be the adult, and there’s simply no excuse for that to ever happen.

But on the other hand, I never should’ve seen this video in the first place. Wiretapping is a crime. If I recorded another person without telling them, and then posted it on social media, I could be charged. There are some serious confidentiality issues this brings up, not only for the teacher but for other students in the classroom. Your child’s English class shouldn’t be broadcasted on Snapchat, and the student who filmed it should be suspended.

What I saw in that video is a teacher who I actually feel bad for. She’s obviously in the middle of a mental breakdown and has been pushed to the brink by these terrible kids who take sadistic pleasure in bringing her to this state. You can see the kid smiling in the video. If that were my kid treating his teacher like that I’d smash his cell phone into pieces and have him write the teacher a letter of apology. Those kids don’t view their teacher as a person, but rather as a thing they can play with. They don’t care if she’s like this because someone she loved recently died, and they certainly don’t care about her feelings.

To an extent I feel the teacher’s pain. I’m not going to make an attempt to find her picture or do what we usually do because if I did I’d be letting the bratty students win. This woman is teaching in the Lynn Public Schools. You know how many ratchets we’ve blogged about from Lynn? All of them. And they reproduce like hotcakes, and I’m sure some of them were in that classroom. All you really need to know is that the kid filming it has a man bun.

Any parent who lets their kid grow a man bun automatically loses custody to the DCF Fairy when I become dictator.

It’s also November, and I know from experience that the honeymoon is over at this point. Kids have figured what they can and cannot get away with, and which teachers they can push to the brink and which teachers won’t stand for it. I had a health teacher like this in high school – Miss Zink. She had no business teaching and her class was a zoo. But I felt bad for her because Juan Rivera simply would not stop salsa dancing no matter how many times she asked him to. Sure, she probably shouldn’t have been allowed to be in a classroom, but at the same time if students behaved like civilized human beings she might actually have had control of the class.

I can also empathize with the fact that this was a freshman classroom. They are the absolute worst. I only interacted with these humans when I caught them smoking in the bathroom. They’re basically middle schoolers in a much larger pond. It would take me about two weeks to figure out which ones I was going to be on a first name basis with. Luckily they get better as the years go along and learn not to fight you on everything, and I was blessed to teach 11th graders. By that age they’re more mature and they have to try because college is right around the corner. Unlike seniors they can’t afford to check out in October either. But to freshmen, college might as well be a billion years away.

Cell phones should be banned in schools unless the teacher has allowed the kids to use them for educational purposes. Sometimes I’d have kids use their phones to look something up because I wanted them to learn that the machines they have in their hand hold the answers to every question they could possibly imagine. They almost exclusively use them for social media and texting, when they could be using them to supplement their own education.

I can’t tell you how many times I’d see a kid looking at me, then I’d look the other way real quick and glance back at them. Almost every time they’d be looking down at their hand, thinking they got one over on me. Kids really think adults are stupid. Sometimes I busted their balls but most of the time I didn’t bother because administration didn’t back you up, which made discipline impossible.

But the bottom line is that this teacher needs help and the kids in her class need to be disciplined. Hopefully the administrators at Lynn Classical see this and take appropriate action.

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