Lynn Elementary School Principal Shares Quote Telling White Students That It’s “Not Right To Be White”


Lissa Bloom Jussaume (no relation to the feminist lawyer) is the principal of Harrington Elementary School Principal in Lynn.


She is an ardent supporter of black lives matter and this summer decided to take to Facebook and remind her white students that their skin color is wrong.

This woman is in charge of children. She clearly thinks that her white students should flog themselves in shame for the crime of being born white, and is allowed to get away with saying something so blatantly racist because it’s OK to be racist towards white people. Needless to say if you reversed the roles here and she told black students that there is “nothing right about their skin color,” she would’ve been fired in minutes.

The man she’s quoting is extremely racist himself. Ibram Kendi is a cog in the racism-industrial complex who works for The Atlantic and wrote a book that white people bought like hot cakes this summer titled, “How to be an anti-racist.”

It’s just a bunch of white guilt porn that gullible virtue signalers read in order to feel a little less bad about being white. Here’s a quote from the book.

Discrimination against white people is OK as long as it’s creating “equity.” Equity is a top 10 buzzword for SJWs these days. Equality is out, equity is in. That’s because equality already exists. There are no laws that deny American citizens their rights based on the color of their skin. But yet people of color on average make less money, are less educated, commit crimes at much higher rates, and thus do not have “equity.” So people like Kendi moved the goal posts and said that America is racist because although we have legal equality, we don’t have equity. Therefore it’s OK to racially discriminate against white people in order to achieve “equity.”

Think of how this line of thinking could affect her actions as a principal. A white student and a black student commit the same offense. By her logic she must punish the white student more than she would the black student in order to achieve “equity,” because students of color are suspended at higher rates due to the fact that they break school rules at higher rates. Someone who thinks like this has no business being in charge of children.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just gave Kendi $10 million too.

This is how lucrative white guilt is right now. Race hustlers like Kendi are making bank by selling white people blatantly racist literature because they know they’ll buy it. The death of George Floyd was the best thing that ever happened to people like him. Now the man who gets to decide who is and is not allowed to share their opinions on the Internet made him a multi-millionaire and all he has to do is sit in a bubble at BU and do “research” into how oppressed he is living in America.

This white principal from West Peabody (AKA East Lynnfield) has obviously been doing some Kendi reading this summer, and likely now will enact policies in Harrington Elementary School that will discriminate against white children. If she’s been keeping up with this blatantly racist beta male’s takes on Donald Trump then she likely believes that anyone who supports Donald Trump is violently defending white supremacy.

Do you think a child of a Trump supporter would be given a fair chance in her school?

The fact that people like Kendi get paid so much to spew racist drivel is the reason why people like Monica Cannon-Grant exist. We tell them that it’s OK to be bigoted and discriminatory, so long as they’re doing so in the name of “anti-racism.” People like Lissa Bloom cannot wait to swallow that white guilt by the gallon.

But never forget that this is the effect of this sort of rhetoric.

Black lives matter is a racist terrorist group. Anyone associating with it should be shamed and disqualified from working with the public. That includes Lissa Bloom Jussaume.


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