Lynn Woman Threatens Lawsuit Over Blog About Her Alleged Kidnapping, Plus Sized Antifa Therapist Is Very Upset That People Aren’t Buying The Story


Jessica Hartney is the Lynn woman we blogged about earlier today who claimed she was assaulted and nearly kidnapped outside of a store in the city. Her Facebook post, which some have suggested isn’t entirely true, has been shared over 2,000 times now.

Sure, she has no markings on her neck, the blood was still wet hours later, she didn’t go to the police, she didn’t go to the hospital, she didn’t know if it was a van or SUV, she didn’t have a description of her assailant, and I’m pretty sure I can see her fingerprint in the blood under her nose because she put it there (which wouldn’t be bleeding if she was hit in the head with a blunt object).

But besides all of that her story could be true. All you have to do is reject all logic and reason.

You would think that Jessica would be thankful that we helped spread her story. After all, if what she’s saying is true then it means there is a man in a black rape van trying to kidnap random women in Lynn. And since she didn’t go to the police we should probably use our platform to let people know. But alas, she wasn’t happy about this and Abi had to deal with her never ending sentagraphs in the inbox.

“Offaly upset.”


She now claims that she didn’t rush home and put those pictures on Facebook right away, yet the blood in that picture is clearly wet.

She says that it could’ve been a pickup truck, because people get pickups and vans confused all the time.

She says that she couldn’t see the vehicle clearly because she was focusing on her assailant, who she hasn’t described.

She still hasn’t alerted the police, even though a kidnapping rapist is lurking out there. Almost as if filing a false police report could lead to criminal charges, and since video tape is so easy to pull, that would be easy to prove. Almost.

She continued.

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  1. We made it out to be a joke, because it is in fact a joke. It was so laughably unbelievable that we couldn’t help but blog about it. So many people sent it to us because no one with a functional brain even humored this obvious lie.
  2. We don’t need anyone’s permission to post images from their Facebook page on the blog. That’s not how the Internet works.
  3. You’re not making anyone aware of anything. You’re causing panic when there is no need to. If anything you made people less likely to believe a story like this if it really did happen.
  4. I anxiously await hearing from your attorney. I recommend Attorney Richard N. Vulva. That guy really pounds me in court.

She continued.

  1. If you’re any messages saying you should be raped then you should probably post them, or bring them to the police. You’ve done neither.
  2. You don’t want to be in the public eye, yet you posted on Facebook and had it shared over 2,000 times. You’re also making no effort to take it down. Makes sense.
  3. I highly doubt WBZ reached out to do an interview with you, but if they did (which is possible because they are fake news) and you turned them down, it only further proves that you’re making this all up.

Also, there is this.

Draw your own conclusions about her bloody nose.

Meanwhile over on a Lynn Facebook group everyone’s talking about this, and it’s just mind boggling how many people took this story at face value.

“If she’s lying let her lie, don’t publicly shame her.”

Hard pass on that one. I personally see something wrong with a woman causing hysteria on social media by making up an obvious lie. It also makes it harder for real victims to come forward in the future. So yea, we’re going to go ahead and shame away.

Is that even really a question? How can you be alive today and not understand that people make things up for attention?

Look who else shared it.

Jenn Nakhai is the plus sized Antifa therapist featured on TB Daily News in early September.

Just a sad, angry, person really.

And because people like her are devoid of facts they have to resort to making things up when they get called out for spreading misinformation.


See that? That’s what actual libel looks like. She just made up the following very serious lies because she knows that I’m right and she’s wrong:

  1. I’m a sex offender. There is registry for sex offenders. I’m not on it. Nor have I ever been accused of, arrested for, charged with, or convicted of a sex crime.
  2. I never taught at a Worcester high school, nor was I ever fired from my teaching job.
  3. I never had sex with a female student, nor was that alleged.
  4. No charges were filed so no charges could ever be dismissed.

I could sue her, and probably win, but that just seems like a lot of work. I’ll pray for her instead.

Sure, if I wanted to stoop to her level I could say that she raped a 14 year old boy, but I think it would be pretty hard for anyone to imagine a heterosexual male getting aroused while looking at this.

She really didn’t like that people were sharing our blog in that group though.

Here’s a thought – maybe all these people don’t believe this woman because she’s lying, not because she’s a woman. Do I have any proof that she’s lying? No. But I do have a lot of really compelling evidence, and when you combine that with logic and/or reason, there’s really no other conclusion one can reach. I also don’t have any proof that Jussie Smollett made up a lie either, but we all know he did.


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