Macy’s Caves To Random Woman With Blue Checkmark On Twitter Who Demanded They Stop Selling This Skinny Jeans Plate 


If you eat more food, as opposed to less food, you are more likely to not fit into outfits that you normally would. When people want to fit into an outfit for an event they often exercise or use portion control to achieve that end. So Macy’s began selling a harmless plate that satirizes this never ending battle that pretty much everyone can relate to.

And everything was fine until this woman showed up.

Her name is Alie Ward, she has a blue checkmark on Twitter AND a podcast, so obviously she is in charge of the universe. As grandmaster it is up to her to decide what businesses are allowed to sell to the public, and what the public is allowed to purchase with their money. And being the social justice queen of the Internet she demanded that Macy’s immediately stop selling these plates in all 50 states.

Because 49 isn’t enough. God forbid women in Oklahoma be allowed to have a sense of humor.

Keep in mind, she is just one person with 38,000 followers. Ultimately she doesn’t matter. All a company has to do is ignore her and move on with their day, and she will respond by moving onto the net thing that outrages her.

But because Macy’s is run by gutless hacks they caved to her demands.

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Again, this was literally just one person. ONE PERSON!! On Twitter, a social media platform that a fraction of Macy’s customers actually use. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Twitter is not real life. The things that people get outraged about on there are not things that normal people you meet at the grocery store care about in the least.

These people are thieves of joy. It’s bad enough that she’s outraged about it, but the real tragedy here is that her first world faux outrage gets to dictate what everyone else gets to buy and sell. It’s not enough for her to just not buy the plates, or voice her displeasure about the alleged message it sends. She has to demand that everyone else in all 50 states not be allowed to buy these plates because she doesn’t like them. This is what happens when social justice warriors get brainwashed by their gender studies professors, graduate, and then completely sell out by getting jobs in corporate America.

What Macy’s failed to anticipate was that simply giving into these demands from one person wouldn’t be enough. Because it’s never, ever enough with these people.

No matter how woke you are, it will never be woke enough.

This woman is clearly mentally unstable if she would “lose it,” not once, but twice, because people she doesn’t know are buying plates from a store she doesn’t have to shop at. It’s not enough for her that Macy’s give into her demands and stop selling a product she doesn’t like. They must also destroy their inventory and take a huge loss rather than salvage something out of it by selling it at half price to the hyenas at TJ Maxx.

Ultimately this is the kind of humorless world they want us to live in:

Everything is wonderful. Fat is beautiful. Healthy lifestyles are hate speech. And Gingers have souls.


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