Maine Resident Lynda Andino Falsely Calls Police on Hadassah Rose, Admitted It To Me, Said She Called The Cops Back, Then Things Got Crazy


Earlier today we published a blog condemning whoever the individual was that alerted authorities in Milford with a fake story about a Gan Rivkah Center resident being held there by Hadassah Rose against her will.

A lot of people have been asking me to name names, including the other bloggers. I knew who it was when I published earlier, but since I’m the captain of the ship it’s important that I don’t act impulsively. In the past I have seen overzealous turtle riders take it upon themselves to contact and/or harass people who have been featured in blogs. I can’t stop people from doing that, but I’m not a fan at all, and we certainly don’t condone it.

However, the people who have been guilty of doing this have realized what they did was wrong, apologized for it right away, and I could see a sense of embarrassment coming from them, knowing that they had caused damage to the blog that they’re so loyal to. In the past I’ve genuinely felt badly for these people, because their hearts were in the right place, they just want to be Turtleboy but have no idea how to do what we do effectively.

For that reason I decided not to out the person responsible for this, until I found out that they weren’t sorry at all.

This is Lynda Andino of Augusta, ME.

If losing Keno tickets had a face.

She has ties to the Milford area, and somehow inserted herself into this story. She began messaging and telling me she had information to add, as self-important people often do. I realized right away that I was dealing with a person who wanted to feel like she was part of the team, but ultimately had nothing to offer. She added me to a Facebook group chat that lasted about 24 hours before she blew it up today. Around midday someone noticed that the Milford Police were going to the GRC, and Lynda reacted to it by saying, “RESULTS” and “ALL THE WAY FROM MAINE PPL.”

She thought that people would pat her on the back for this, because she believes, in her delusion, that we condone vigilante justice and criminality in order to achieve our ends. We don’t.

I knew at that point that it was her, and this was confirmed because she’d been bragging about it to other people who came to us and were furious that this woman lied to the police. To one person she actually sounded genuinely disappointed when her lie didn’t lead to an arrest.

Hadassah initially blamed another woman, who Lynda had bragged about her crimes to, and when this woman told Lynda she was worried about it this is what Lynda said in response.

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“If he ask about a phone call you have no idea.”

So now she’s telling other people to lie to the police for her.

I knew this was going on but I wanted to give her a chance to come clean. It’s an awkward position to be in because these people are allegedly fans of ours. But some turtle riders are dumber than others, and we have to make it clear that this is not acceptable. My goal in a situation like this is to let it be known that this is unacceptable, and that they need to make amends by making it clear that the actions they took were done independently of Turtleboy. Here’s how it went down.

At this point she must’ve realized that she just read a 7 part investigative series that I wrote about the GRC, and she knew that if I put any effort into researching who called the authorities on Hadassah, I would find out it was her. You have to understand, some people are scared of me, even though they have no reason to be. The fear of being Turtleboy famous is quite a powerful thing, which is why you really have to earn your way onto the blog. I wouldn’t put someone on who showed genuine contrition, and I get why someone like her would be afraid to admit to owning up to what she did. This is why I wanted to make it clear that it’s OK to come clean.

I needed her to contact the authorities and tell them what she had done, which she said she was doing.

Problem solved as far as I was concerned. I published the blog and waited to hear back from her after she spoke with police. If she did not contact them I told her I would contact them.

But instead of calling the cops she began texting other people she had confessed her crime to, telling them to delete messages from her, accusing me of only thinking about myself, and calling me a rat bastard.

So I contacted her, knowing she hadn’t spoken with the police yet, and she began accusing Bristol of lying about the fact that she was in Maine, not Milford, when she called the authorities.


Next thing you know she was telling me that she had never told me that she contacted the authorities to let them know she had lied to them.

Then things got really weird, and I had no idea what on earth she was attempting to say.

She denied calling the cops and claims she wasn’t in Maine when she did so, but she must’ve forgot we were in that group together where she admitted that she was in Maine.

And here she is in a private conversation with another person, admitting that she did indeed call the police, and was freaking out about the fact that I was asking her about it.

“So they don’t know it was me.”

We knew.

Now she’s claiming that she’s going to destroy the blog.


And now you understand why I feel no sympathy for this woman. She is horrible and I’m embarrassed that she ever considered her a fan of this blog. I prefer having people like her as enemies, as any association with her is a bad look. This is a classic example of a ratchet trying to feel less ratchet about themselves by piling on another ratchet (Hadassah). Unfortunately this happens a lot on Turtleboy, and we like to weed these people out whenever possible. For instance, we generally don’t like people who give their local police departments one star reviews for being “corrupt.”

Nor do we like people with permanent Newport 100’s voice, who film the police while whining that they can’t retrieve their possessions from the apartments they were just evicted from.

Let it be known folks – if you read our blogs and then go vigilante by doing something like this, you’re not going to get the pat on the back you hoped for. You are an embarrassment and worst of all you hurt our brand, albeit unfairly, because people think you represent us. We need to make it clear just how much you disgust us, so we will go out of our way to make that clear by writing blogs about people who do this. Be warned – if you do things that hurt the company I’ve built, you will become Turtleboy famous. Just read the blogs and take action when we ask you to take action please.


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