Maine Woman Says She Was Nearly Kidnapped By Man With Dogs While Hiking, Completed Hike Anyway And Made Cheery YouTube Video Documenting It


Varvara Harmon is a hiker and artist from Maine.

She recently posted about a harrowing ordeal she barely survived during her morning hike in a hiking Facebook group.

The Pumpkin Spice Mafia is no longer restricted to Target and Walmart. They’re climbing mountains now.

Just to review:

  • She was parked on a road taking pictures of New Hampshire’s beauty when a truck traveling in the opposite direction suddenly turned around and parked behind her
  • She started driving away, he followed her, and despite being elderly and in the middle of nowhere she was able to lose him
  • She parked her car on a dirt road and began walking towards the trail, when out of nowhere the driver found her again and stopped his vehicle in front of her
  • She turned directions and instead of getting into her car and going to the police she began running towards a different trail where she saw another hiker, hoping that as an elderly woman she could outrun a man and catch up to the hiker before getting kidnapped
  • The man followed her with his dogs, presumably to smell her in case she tried to hide, and ran after her for nearly a mile but was unable to catch up this old lady
  • She finally reached the hiker just in time and the kidnapper was never seen again
  • Despite surviving this harrowing ordeal she went on to hang out with the other hiker and produce this spirited and happy video to YouTube, which no one would’ve seen if she didn’t make this post


Of course what any normal person would take from this story is that she saw a guy in a truck with dogs that he ended up taking for a walk in the woods. Besides that pretty much nothing happened except for the script of a bad horror movie that was transpiring only in her brain. Nevertheless it’s been shared far and wide and she’s getting exactly what she wanted – thots and shares.


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Some suggested that her story sounded like she mistook the guy for a bear hunter, but she wasn’t trying to hear that and neither was the Pumpkin Spice Mafia.

Others began asking the same questions I did.

“Some people are really damn courageous and push through adversity.”

And that right there is exactly why people like this lie. Because they want strangers on Facebook to tell them how courageous they are for going for a hike in the woods. Because they crave attention. Because her YouTube channel didn’t have a single video with more than 100 views, and this video she shamelessly promoted, showing her smiling and having a great time after a traumatic experience, has been viewed 1,000 times. She doesn’t have a description of the guy, a license plate, a picture, and he randomly decided to stop his pursuit of the kidnapping.

Sounds legit.

Finally she cut off the comments once too many people started realizing that she was completely full of crap.

We are living in a world where people love to live in fear. Think about it. They convinced everyone to tank the economy and hide in our homes because a virus exists with a 99.8% survival rate. They tell us that we’re going to kill each other if we don’t wear masks. They get tech companies to silence anyone sharing positive or optimistic information, like pointing out that the flu is just as deadly as COVID. Now people who want to go outside and live their lives will be scared to do so because of posts like this. And people believe it because they want to believe it. Somewhere along the line we have become a nation of cowards that is afraid to live life and would prefer virtue signaling for likes on Facebook from the safety of our homes.



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