Ma’Khia Bryant’s Mom Previously Charged With Child Endangerment And Assault, Father Kicked Girl In Video And Has Extensive Criminal Background


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The other day I published a blog criticizing Paula Bryant, the mother of 16 year old Ma’Khia Bryant who was killed by Columbus Police while trying to stab an unidentified black woman wearing pink. Paula Bryant blamed the cops for the death of her daughter while taking no accountability for herself, despite the fact that her troubled child was in foster care and instigated the entire incident which was all caught on film.

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However, as it turns out Mom is a liar, her father was involved in the fight, and both of them have a long and documented criminal history.

Ma’Khia wasn’t on the honor roll at Independence High School, where she was far from the only child who had the misfortune of having parents who put apostrophes in their names.

She didn’t even enroll in the school until February.

It took three minutes of Googling to figure that one out. Although it isn’t the biggest deal that Paula Bryant lied about her honor roll daughter, it does establish that 1) she can’t be trusted, and 2) the media will blindly repeat anything that makes the victim of a police shooting look good.

Paula Bryant was charged in 2004 with domestic violence and assault. The charges were ultimately dismissed after she plead guilty on amended charges.

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In 2010 she was charged with domestic violence, assault, and endangering children. She plead guilty on an amended charge.

Maybe if she didn’t assault people and endanger her own children then her child wouldn’t have been in foster care in the first place.

In the video you can see Ma’Khia storm out of the house and run one of the other girls over. You then see a man come out of nowhere and kick the girl in the head while she’s down as Ma’Khia goes to stab the girl in the pink.

That man is apparently her father Myron Hammonds, who’s a real gem himself.

You can hear him right after the shooting at the 4:35 repeatedly yell, “that’s my baby,” and “Is you stupid? She’s a kid!”

Ma’Khia was having problems with the two girls she attacked because they used to live in the foster home, stopped by a lot, and criticized Ma’Khia for not making her bed and keeping the house clean. She reached her breaking point, and before someone called the cops she called up her father to help her take care of the other girls.

Myron Hammonds has had a warrant out for his arrest since January.

He has a long and documented criminal history.

He plays the loving Dad on his Facebook page, but he had to be taken to court to prove that he was the father.

Ma’Khia was also missing from her home last June.

So clearly she was a troubled and neglected girl prior to going full OJ on the girl in pink.


Then there’s this guy on the right:

That’s her “cousin” Donnie Bryant, who has been whoring himself out on TV and getting CNN to fall for his victim narrative.

According to Ma’Khia’s other sister who’s also in foster care, she has no idea who he is though.

Donnie is a City Council member who recently ran for Mayor of Mansfield, OH and lost.

Donnie also announced that he’s lawyered up and they’re suing the city, because why wouldn’t this family of deadbeats try to capitalize off of her death?

It’s not like she was useful to them while she was alive. If she was then they might’ve gave a shit about her and put a little bit of effort into raising her. But now that she’s dead she finally has value for them.

Oh wait, Paula and Ma’Khia made a Tik Tok one time.

So she must’ve been a good mom.

The idiocy on his page knows no bounds.

Speaking of cute Tik Toks, here’s one the media isn’t showing you of Ma’Khia threatening someone and making knife to the throat gestures.

The girl in pink was Tionna Bonner.

She is alive today because of the heroism of Officer Nicholas Reardon. If Governor Mike Dewine (a Republican) wasn’t such a pandering Rino toolbag, he’d have given this officer a medal by now for saving this girl’s life. Instead he’s under investigation because being a police officer is a thankless job thanks to BLM.

If Myron Hammonds hadn’t kicked that girl who was on the ground then Officer Reardon would’ve been able to direct all of his focus on Ma’Khia, and perhaps he could’ve taken her to the ground before she got near Tianna Bonner.

If Paula Bryant had obeyed the law and raised her kids properly instead of getting arrested for endangering them, then Ma’Khia wouldn’t have been in this situation in the first place.

There’s lots of blame to go around here, but none of it belongs with the police. As long as we pretend that America has a policing problem and not a parenting problem then we’re never going to address the root cause of shootings like this. Then again, Al Sharpton, Ben Crump and race baiters everywhere have to eat too, so I guess some people don’t want it to end. The racism-industrial complex employs way too many people in this country.


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