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Malden Single Mom Robbed Of Presents Days Before Christmas Asking For Help In North Shore Mom Groups Has Scammed Before, Once Robbed And Assaulted Elderly Woman


A single mother from Malden had all of her kid’s presents stolen from her hallway right before Christmas and can’t afford to have them replaced, so she’s been asking for help in various community Facebook Mom support groups.

Luckily a bunch of people in the comments got ahold of her Venmo and sent her some cash because that’s what Christmas is all about.

Except those people got scammed and they probably deserve to be for trusting a stranger on the Internet telling an unbelievable story (who leaves their Christmas presents in a hallway?) designed to get you to give her money by using kids as bait. For starters, she’s posting in places like Stoneham, even though she’s from Revere and Malden, because she knows people there have more money and she has yet to burn bridges in those towns. However, a quick Google would bring you to this TB blog from 2018:

Amanda McManus did the same thing Christmas of 2017.

Despite being freeloading scam artist who never seems to have a job, she still has strong feelings about liberals who push for policies that directly help and enable people like her in their pursuit of perpetual guttermuppetry.

Speaking of taking money from people who work and giving it to those who don’t, Ms. McManus also gladly accepts food stamps from the government that she apparently does not need and sells them on Facebook.

Then there was that time her and her junkie friend robbed and assaulted an 83 year old woman for drug money:

An 83-year-old woman suffered minor injuries after two women tried to steal her purse outside a Revere convenience store Friday, police said. Police said the woman had exited the One Stop Convenience store located on Revere Street when two women, who were later identified as Brittney Ross, 24, of Lynn, and Amanda McManus, 29, of Revere, approached her asking for money.

“She said, ‘Do you have $40,'” the victim, who didn’t want to be identified, said. “I said, ‘What are you crazy? I am on a fixed income.'”

That’s when McManus and Ross tried to take her pocketbook, police said.

“She pulled my bag and I fell,” she said. “She dragged me into the street.”

The victim injured her shoulder while being dragged, and Ross and McManus then fled the scene without getting the pocketbook, police said.

“It’s unusual for us to see two women commit this type of crime,” Lt. Amy O’Hara said.

The victim was taken to a local hospital and released.

“She is one tough cookie,” O’Hara said. “She is in good spirits. She is recovering, but yes, she is one tough lady.”

Police said they obtained information during the investigation that led them to Ross and McMauns, and were able to arrest them about an hour later. Both women appeared in court for charges of unarmed robbery on a person over 60, unarmed assault to rob, and assault and battery on a person over 60 with injury. Ross is being held on $5,000 cash bail and McManus is being held on $1,000 cash bail. Both will return to court Thursday.

“She just wanted my pocketbook and I wouldn’t give it to her,” the victim said. “Why should I?”

To the surprise of nobody she’s also perpetually in recovery, doesn’t appear to have custody of her children, but does go down the slide with them whilst ripping a butt, prompting others to remind her that she is in face a filthy junkie.

And did I mention her pole performances on the T?

So the lesson here is simple – if you see people using sad stories involving their children to beg for free stuff in community Facebook groups you should always give them a Google. If the first thing that comes up is Turtleboy then you’re being scammed and the community should be alerted. There will be people in the the comments who tell you that Turtleboy is mean or fake news, and you can just go ahead ignore those people. Most likely they are idiots or social justice warriors who had a friend or family member featured on TBS, or disagreed with our take on one of the 10,000 blogs published on the website. Remember, it’s not normal to ask strangers in a Facebook group for Christmas help 4 days before Christmas. Normal people who aren’t junkies don’t do that. It’s a shitty world filled with shitty people, and you should assume everyone you’re dealing with is shitty until you find out otherwise.


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