Man Arrested For Beating CO On Meth Mile Given Probation By Judge Kenneth Fiandaca Despite 27 Previous Arrests Including Recent Assault On Another CO While In Jail


This is Torrie Jenkins.

He was the one person arrested yesterday (before the 15 arrested today) for robbing and beating a corrections officer on his way into work on Atkinson Street in the heart of meth mile.

Torie, AKA Tory, is no stranger to the court system, and has at least 27 arrests over the last 20 years, ranging from drug dealing to assault and battery, and everything in between.

Just three months ago he was arrested for drug dealing, plead guilty, and was given probation by Judge Kenneth Fiandaca, brother to local dumpling reporter Cheryl Fiandaca.

Fiandaca was one of many judges appointed by Deval Patrick who subscribe to the belief that criminals will suddenly stop being criminals if we give them unlimited chances to redeem themselves.

Thanks to Deval’s legacy we are now stuck with these people until they retire, and people like the CO was nearly killed will have to pay the price for their leniency.

Fiandaca chose not to put Jenkins in jail where he belonged despite having over two dozen previous arrests for similar crimes. Shockingly Jenkins did what he always does when it was time for his first probation hearing – didn’t show up.

Judge Fiandaca has a long and documented history of such leniency, and was called out for it in May by BPD Chief William Gross.

Of course it’s not surprising that he would specifically target a CO like he did, considering that just over a month ago he was facing charges of assault and battery on a corrections officer from a previous but brief stint in jail. He didn’t show up for his arraignment on that one either.

Judges in this state are the biggest threat to public safety today. They have the power to put dangerous career criminals like this away for a long time. Clearly people like Torre Jenkins do not have any desire to change or become law abiding citizens, so why then do judges insist on giving them leniency and pretending like they’ll suddenly stop if they’re given a chance for the 27th time? The ugly combination of elected officials who allow lawless spaces like meth mile, and judges who then send criminals back to this cesspool so they can continue to buy and sell drugs unabated, is getting people killed every day.


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