Man Arrested Selling Drugs 5th Time In 8 Years Once Killed 2 People, Stabbed A Man, Beat A Man With A Bat, Keeps Staying Out Of Jail


Seth Stockenberg from Barre has a long and documented criminal history:

  • In 2004 while driving 75 mph, he crashed into an oil truck and killed 2 of his classmates at David Prouty who were passengers in his car
  • He only received probation, then months later in early 2005 he was arrested for stabbing his sister’s boyfriend, and got 18 months in jail
  • In 2006 he was released and orchestrated a violent home invasion in Sturbridge in which 12 other people broke into a man’s house and beat him with a baseball bat (including his sister Shannon), and he served two years in prison for that
  • In 2009 he and his sister Shannon were once again arrested after sending a text message to the wrong person, offering to sell ecstacy
  • He’s been arrested for selling drugs after that in 2010, 2014, 2015, and 2016, yet remains free

Bootleg Ed Sheeran is a walking poster child for everything that is wrong with our criminal justice system. It is far too forgiving, and because of lenient judges people get hurt. The man has taken two lives, and has tried to take two others. He has no intention of staying clean or obeying the law, which was evidence once again last week when he was arrested in New Braintree for selling drugs.

His friend Erik with a K has been urging people to write him pen pal letters.

When this is the guy running your support group, you know you have completely failed at life.

These people might as well have Barre tattooed on their foreheads.

According to bootleg Ed Sheeran’s Facebook bio, he works at the Mountain Barn Restaurant in Princeton as a cook (why anyone would hire a career criminal like this to handle people’s food is beyond me), and studied at the FBI – female body inspector.

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He mocks other people for being poor fathers.

Even though he’s got his own kids and he’s never there for them because he can’t stop breaking the law.

He also looks down on parents who don’t dress their children in name brand clothing.

He’s obviously earned the right to judge other people on their parenting skills.

And he doesn’t have time for women who haven’t shoved an 8 ball up their tampon tunnel before.

Seth Stockenberg is the poster child for everything that is wrong with our judicial system. He is a heartless, unrepentant killer, who took the lives of two people, stabbed another, and orchestrated a violent home invasion on a third. He doesn’t pay taxes because he sells drugs to vulnerable populations, and yet judge after judge in East Brookfield District Court has allowed him to remain free.

We don’t have a mass incarceration problem in this country, we have a under-incarceration in this country.


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