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Poor Behavior

Man Beaten With Own Weapon After Picking Fight In Framingham McDonald’s Drive Through, Ignoring Social Distancing Guidelines


Social distancing does not work in the hood. I’ve written many blogs proving my theory that we aren’t all “in this together,” since a large segment of the population doesn’t take their marching orders from Dr. Fauci and Scarf Lady. Any plan that assumes that ghetto folk will follow social distancing guidelines isn’t a serious plan. Take this video from a Framingham McDonald’s drive through last night for instance.

Normally I don’t condone two on one beatings, but that man earned everything that was coming to him. If you get out of your truck in a drive through in Framingham and you start pointing a blunt object at another person in the drive through, then by law you must fight everyone in that vehicle. That’s just science.

As you can see, he was clearly the instigator.

Luckily for the man in the hoodie, this isn’t Florida and George Zimmerman can’t shoot him 9 times because he was “scared for his life.” There is no reason to get out of your car and act aggressively towards another driver in the drive through. Ever. But when you start pointing what appears to be a tape measure (could be wrong) at a complete stranger, they have the right to assume that you will use that as a weapon. Thus you must be able to scrap. Clearly this bloated bovine was not up to the challenge, and it ended up looking like two jackals taking down an pregnant wildebeest who couldn’t keep up with the herd.

Once they got ahold of the stick it was game over. You can’t give ghetto folk a blunt object that you threatened them with, because they will use it to go full Paul Bunyan on your crisco crevice.

Best part of the video:

“Oh is that Berto? Yo what’s good my n***a?”

Just catching up on old times with the homies whilst beating some gravy dumpster with his own weapon after he started a fight he couldn’t finish. This is what social distancing looks like in the hood.


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