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Man Claims Fitchburg Police Violated His “Constructional Rights” By Forcing Him To Dump Out Beers While Day Drinking On Front Lawn


This is Stephen Getty from Fitchburg.

He once met the Pope.

Yesterday he logged into Facebook to air his grievances in the Discussing Fitchburg Now Facebook group, after becoming the latest victim of police overreach.

Can’t a guy get wasted on his front lawn without getting verbally “herassed” by the cops? The best part about that rant was how how he tagged @Pussy at the end, so that he made sure Pussy would see it. I’m pretty sure he meant to do a hashtag, but to this guy right here it’s all the same thing.

That does not at all look like a guy who day drinks Bud Heavy’s on his front lawn, gets forced to dump them out, then goes on a community Facebook page to announce this to the world and call the cops pigs.

He ended up deleting that post and put this gem up in its place.


“Explain please.”

Oh OK. I get it now.

This man had his constructional rights VIOLATED!

George Jefferson and Alexander Roosevelt did not declare independence from the communists for the cops to just trample all over the constistruction like that. It’s right in the Bill of Rights – thou shalt not force thy citizens to dump thy Milwaukee’s Best Ice on thy front lawn.

I guess the “I’m gonna stop drinking” thing didn’t work out as planned.

“I’ll post as I go.”

Yea, that was the last post on that topic. He must’ve realized that he was in fact a semi-mobile sex tank who really had no reason to stop drinking or exercise.

Sexy is an understatement. Women drive from all over to take a ride on his Fitchburg fun pole.

He gets rave reviews.

He’s mostly into women.

But if you bring a friend with you he’s willing to try new things.

To each their own.

If Stephen Getty would like to come on the Live Show this weekend to share his side of the story we would be happy to have him. Mr. Getty, if you are reading this I sent you a friend request and a DM on my Facebook account Clarence Woods Emerson. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience, sober or not sober. We would like to help you get justice and restore your constructional rights as soon as possible.

Anyway, thanks to the “pigs” at Fitchburg PD my guy needs a new 30 rack, so hit him up on Facebook (don’t really) if you’d like to help him out.



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