Man Competing Against Women In Track Tells ESPN He’s At A Disadvantage Because Estrogen Shots Make Him Dizzy


Turtleboy Sports broke the news that a transgendered athlete named Cece Telfer, who previously competed on the Franklin Pierce men’s track team, was smashing records for the women’s team in the winter as a hurdler and sprinter.

In the spring Cece went on to win the 400 meter women’s national championship, despite being 6’3″, and enjoying all the advantages that came along with male body growth, which Cece cannot undo with hormone treatment.

Her coach tried to get other coaches fired who voiced opposition to this seemingly unfair advantage that Cece had.

But according to an interview that Cece did with ESPN’s Outside the Lines, it was actually he who was the disadvantaged one.

“If anything, me competing against cisgender females is a disadvantage.”

“I have to work twice as hard to keep my strength.”

This guy’s got jokes.

Of course the real joke here was the line of questioning from the ESPN reporter.


“What would you tell other transgender athletes struggling with this?”

Man, that’s a tough question right there. Might as well have asked him, “On a scale from 1 to 10, how brave would you say you are?”

According to Cece he’s actually at disadvantage because he has to put estrogen into his body, whereas women already have estrogen. But….estrogen supposedly slows you down. So he’s actively trying to catch up with how slow they are. This is something that is supposed to make sense to social justice warriors.

Of course all the estrogen in the world can’t undo the fact that his bones grew like boys bones do during puberty and resulted in him being 6’3,” which gave him a much longer stride which is ideal for the 400 meter hurdles. The fact that you can believe that and graduate from Franklin Pierce tells you a lot about what a degree from FP is worth.

As usual, the only media covering this story is the conservative media, but at least they credit us for breaking this story.

The mainstream media remains silent, because they’re all left wing, support blanket “equality,” and know that the story of Cece Telfer shows what happens when their platform reaches its logical conclusion.


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