Man Given $300 Fine By Chicopee Police For Drinking Beer While Waiting For Pizza Disputes CPD Account, Will Join Me On Live Show Tonight


On Sunday night I blogged about the Chicopee Police bragging about busting up 4 guys drinking beer at a takeout restaurant last Friday night.

On Monday CPD Officer Michael Wilk showed up in the comments of the Gerry Callahan Podcast while we discussed that very blog, accusing us of having misinformation. So Quarantine Cullinane had him come on the show to straighten things out, except the exact opposite happened. His interview starts at the 21:30 mark.

Gerry’s face when Wilk told him that they’d send a squad car with “lights and guns” if they saw someone without a mask on was priceless. Almost as priceless as when Wilk corrected him about the number of beers that were consumed.

It was more than a couple beers

It could’ve been anywhere from 3 to 5,000. The more beer they drank, the more grandmas died.

“This wasn’t friends gathering. This wasn’t buddies meeting to play poker. You’re acting like these are four buddies, it’s not. These are just four people who walked in.”

How did he know they weren’t friends? It says right in the post that they all arrived and walked in together. And if they weren’t there to play poker, what were they there to do? (gasp) Converse?

Then came the misinformation.

“We’ve had kids as young as 2 days old who have tested positive for this virus.”

Who cares if a two year old tests positive for the commie cold if they don’t die from it? Your kid gets tummy aches too. We don’t shut down the world for it.

Then there was this.

“There’s been about a dozen kids in the city ages 7-9 who tested positive.”

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There’s been a dozen 8 year olds in Chicopee who have the commie cold? Where is that documented? I guess we will just have to take his word for it.

This made lots of sense too.

“You’re wrong that kids don’t die from it. I have a buddy who’s in his 40’s on a ventilator fighting for his life.”

I’m wrong that kids don’t die, and his evidence is that he has a friend in his 40’s on a ventilator? Case closed.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for the guy on the ventilator. But he got there inspite of, or perhaps because of the lockdown. The data doesn’t lie – over 66% of people who got the commie cold contracted it in their homes. The homes we forced them into. And just for the record, kids do not die from the commie cold.

Literally zero human beings under the age of 20 have died from COVID in Massachusetts. Your odds of dying from the commie cold if you’re under 25 are less than 1 in a million. Literally. Anyone who says “kids die from COVID” and then points to some statistical anomaly in Michigan to prove their point is being intentionally disingenuous.

I have no time for this kind of fear mongering either:

“We would rather not take the chance of one kid dying….”

Sorry, but you don’t get to lock an entire society down because you have an irrational fear that a kid COULD die. If that were the case then the CPD should ban cars, because your kid is much more likely to get turned into a speed bump than they are from dying of commie cold.

He sure did think highly of himself though:

“Our numbers here in Chicopee are low. We’ve had 2 in their 80s, one person who was 100, and the other who was in their 50’s and had underlying medical conditions.”

“We seem to have stopped the spread in Chicopee.”

“Yea, it definitely has something to do with it.”

He has zero evidence to back up his assertion that over-policing and suspending civil liberties saves lives in Chicopee. He’s a good cop, but he’s clearly been brainwashed by propaganda, and truly seems to believe that their work is saving lives. He’s certainly not familiar with the data, which we found out when I pointed out that Chicopee has double the infections of Pittsfield with a similar population.

“I don’t know, I haven’t looked at Pittsfield’s numbers.”

Yea, you probably shouldn’t brag about how great your numbers are due to your policing if you don’t have other cities to compare it to.  Chicopee has more cases than Barnstable, and the same as Plymouth, both of which are similarly sized. Nothing they’re doing is saving lives. Literally nothing.

I asked what the difference is between 4 people drinking in a bar basement and 4 people drinking in their house.

“The difference is that bars and restaurants are to be shut down.”

Translation – there is no difference. Nevertheless I’m here to vigorously enforce stupid rules that don’t make any sense, and then credit myself with saving lives.

“This is not enjoyable for us.”

LOL. Sure thing Jan.

Cops have the choice to use discretion. Police unions everywhere are refusing to vigorously enforce social distancing and mask “orders,” because it’s unconstitutional, and it’s not what they signed up to do when they became cops. The Chicopee Police are choosing to be tyrants, just because they can. I’m sure most cops on the force are embarrassed to conduct hours long stakeouts to catch 4 people drinking in a basement , but it’s Wilk’s thing so they have to play along.

The most remarkable part of the interview was when Wilk said that the cops know who has COVID and who doesn’t so they can keep these people out of stores.

“Certain stores in the city have hired officers to work in the stores to assist them with people wearing face covers. We had an incident where someone had tested positive tried to get into the store. They already had it so they can’t get it again.”

“They came back as a positive test. We get the data. And we know who certain people are in the city. So yea it was an absolute positive.”

“When people are tested the results go to the BOH and we get that information. We get certain information but not all information. But we get enough information. There are some people in the city who are well known because we habitually deal with them. If we get information that matches that we know at that point. Plus this person was telling everybody. We know this because they were telling everyone and it matched data with the Board of Health.”

Again, I have no way of knowing if this is the truth, but it’s coming from a guy who just told me that children are dying from a disease that doesn’t kill children, so I remain skeptical. But if the health diagnosis of private citizens is known by the security at Walmart then I’d say that’s very COVID-1984ish.

As it turns out there is much more to this story from the bar that night. I know this because I spoke with one of the criminals who was busted in the bar basement, and he’ll be joining me on the Live show tonight at 9 PM to tell all. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.



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