Man Named Courtney Blames Anti-Maskers For Father’s COVID Death After Dumping Him In A Nursing Home And Seeking Out Media Attention


The mainstream media has been fear mongering like I’ve never seen before about coronavirus with stuff like this:

A nurse in Indiana can tell you what a zipper sounds like. Ground breaking news. So can I. Of course the implication is that she’s seen so many people die from COVID that she’s traumatized.

New rule – if you don’t want to see dead people then don’t work in a hospital.

Did I miss the story about the traumatized crying cop who just had to call up the mother of a 16 year old who died in a car accident? How bout the story about the firefighter who had to remove the charred remains of a newborn baby from a house fire? Or perhaps the stories from EMTs about the countless junkies they’ve tried and failed to save with Narcan because they died hours beforehand?

Oh right, the media doesn’t print stories like that because they only kind of death they want you to fear is from COVID. Nothing else is a threat to your life, and nothing else traumatizes people. As soon as COVID goes away we will all live for eternity and no one will ever get sick again.

The big story they’ve been pushing this weekend is this man from Kansas named Courtney Farr who used his father’s death to rip on people who are skeptical of the effectiveness of masks in his old man’s obituary.

It’s CNN fear porn on steroids:

Courtney Farr says one of the hardest parts of losing his father to Covid-19 earlier this week was knowing he wasn’t surrounded by his loved ones in his last moments.

“When my mother passed away about two years ago, I was able to sit with her … and I was able to hold her hand and caress her face, I was able to be present with her,” Farr told CNN’s Don Lemon Friday night. “And I was able to comfort her the same way that she had comforted me so many times in my life.” “With my father, we couldn’t do that, because he was in isolation,” Farr said. He says his family was able to say goodbye to his father, Marvin James Farr, virtually, the morning before he died. Farr’s story echoes the experiences of thousands of other families across the US who have had to say a final goodbye to parents, siblings and other family members through a device because of Covid-19 isolation protocols. More than 278,900 Americans have died since the pandemic’s start. Farr says it was the building anger, fear, sorrow and frustration that led him to write a powerful obituary for his father, highlighting the toll of the pandemic and some Americans’ rejection of public safety measures like face masks.

“He was preceded in death by more than 260,000 Americans infected with Covid-19. He died in a room not his own, being cared for by people dressed in confusing and frightening ways. He died with Covid-19 and his final days were harder, scarier and lonelier than necessary,” an excerpt from the obituary, read aloud by Lemon, said.”

“His father, he wrote, was “born into an America recovering from the Great Depression and about to face World War 2, times of loss and sacrifice difficult for most of us to imagine. Americans would be asked to ration essential supplies and send their children around the world to fight and die in wars of unfathomable destruction.”

“He died in a world where many of his fellow Americans refuse to wear a piece of cloth on their face to protect one another,” he wrote.”

“His father, 81, was a veterinarian, Farr wrote. The science that guided his father’s professional life has now “been disparaged and abandoned by so many of the same people who depended on his knowledge,” he wrote. 

In many ways, Farr told Lemon, he felt his father’s death was political. 

“When our local city councils, when our state legislatures, when they are refusing to enact policies that can protect people, they’ve made political decisions that result in people like my father dying the way that they are.”

OK, fuck this asshole. Your Dad died because you dumped in a nursing home because you loved him so little that you were willing to sacrifice nothing in order to care for him, despite knowing of the existence of the boomer remover virus that preys on the elderly.

If you had protected him and cared for him he’d probably be alive today. Instead he died alone in a world where everyone is forced to wear masks because it would allegedly protect him, but that turned out to be a lie because he caught it and died anyway.

Rather than taking responsibility for his failures as a son, “Courtney” whined about strawmen.

Literally nobody has said the virus isn’t real. That’s just a fake, made up argument that the mask cult blames science followers like myself for saying because they know that we have facts and data on our side.

It does primarily kill old people, which is why you’re alive and your Dad isn’t.

It isn’t that bad for healthy, non-elderly people.

You stayed away from your Dad and he still got it anyway, so don’t you think his last few months on earth would’ve been better if he got to see you one last time? Maybe not.

And where is the evidence that this guy got sick because people weren’t wearing masks? Oh right, there is no evidence for that. These conspiracy theorists just see dead people and get hard over it because they know they can blame it on anti-maskers who “don’t think COVID is real.”

According to male Courtney his father used to disagree with him about politics too.

Of course a quick look at Courtney’s Facebook page shows us that he is a Biden supporter who whines that people’s only complaint about Kamala Harris is that she’s black and female.

The only people obsessed with Carmela’s gender and race are democrats. Biden said that his VP would be a black woman. It didn’t matter who really, anyone of them will do, as long as they’re black and female. But go and virtue signal there, Courtney.

He’s also a big BLM guy.

And he shared a fundraiser for some creepy Antifa chud named Preston who was arrested during the BLM riots for assaulting Kansas City cops.

Now he’s soaking up the media attention because he got exactly what he wanted – attention.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that he dumped his old man in a nursing home to let him die, he also politicized his death on the way out, knowing full well that they didn’t agree on politics. With sons like that you’re better off dead anyway.


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